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Hi, It is missing edge blur, please advise. Also, it didn’t come with any preset comp.

Hello, don’t worry this plugin is not important

I have the same edge blur issue… Plus when I open the file there is nothing in the main composition. Help please!

Don’t worry about blur, it’s will works fine! Main Composition is empty, you need to add scenes or stock footages from category

Is it possible to use 2 devices on the same screen at once, without the mockup videos? I’m trying to show an app on both a phone and a computer monitor at the same time, like a. comparison.

In my new template it will be two devices, phone and laptop in one scene, so you can show both screens. Template will be available about week or so. Make sure, that you have subscribed on my profile:)

Why don’t the inserted media files scroll with the moving finger?

Hello, because everyone uses different screen resolutions, and formats. One use videos other static images. You can easily animate it using markers inside the “Holder” composition or just import video with movement and place it using markers

Hi, I got your beautiful project, but I have a question. How I can do the swipe effect from one screen to another or I have to recreate that in AE?

Yes you need to use to scenes and put one scene on top of the other. Then aply Warp effect. How it works you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNE9qMlBF5Q

Hi, purchased these templates but I dont have a clue how to edit them, is there any tutorials to help me?

It’s very delicious. This is a difficult job but very good !!! nice to look at!!! good luck to you!

Perfect project! Good mood and good luck! :)


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Hello, great work. It saves many hours …. One bug, Fitness Scene 1 doesn´t really work. After putting a scene into the holder, the scene is still empty.

Thanks for report. I will check it ASAP