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Looks nice!!

Good design!

Powerfull Pack. Very creative work!

Amazing project looks very nice.. good luck..

Very Nice Job! Good Luck!

Just got this and i cant seem to change any of the colors of any of the pre sets. Using Mac.

Hi! Please read PDF documentation – How to use.

I have, the extension seems to be color everything black when trying to customise. The get around was to manually change it within the composition and not use the customise controls. Apart from that everything seems to be working 100%.

Please send me screenshots with problem on e-mail (via profile form)

Hi, you dont have the information what music plays in the preview. Tell please

Okay i just bought text presets and i get an error when i active my purchase code. I tried emailing u guys and no one is responding. Also tried to get intouch via instagram. I need to use this product right now.

Replied to email.

Can someone please get back to emails I send. no one is responding. I need this plug in right now the activation code I received is not working. Thanks.

Great title style on at the intro of your promo video. Kinetic, Brush, Stomp… The inner shadow looks great. Do you have such a preset?

Hi! Thank you! Yes, preset for After Effects: