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very stylish and dynamic work! good sales, bro!


louktal Purchased

I really love this pack. But could you check MOGRTs 08_Social Media folder (in download file), it has only one file “Behance”, don’t have any other social.

Hope you update it very soon

Thank you

Hello, thanks for contacting us, In MOGRT settings you can find a “Type” slider. On this slider choose a nuber from 1 to 10 each number turnes on a new icon. Have fun !

can you do this pack for fcp?

great idea, we will definitely consider it with our team, thanks

I was wondering if you can do it as soon as possible because I was planning on use this pack on the begining of 2019. please let me know


Amazing work !

I didn’t seem to get all the social items. Only one.

Check inside the one, this shot have slider for switch to another social icons

Thanks for the reply. I will take a look.

I bought the file and would like to know if there is a possibility of receiving them for CC 2018. The CC2019 bothers me and I prefer to work with the previous one. Another issue is: most of my texts are in red and can not change the color :( as if it was a file error. Could u help me in this two questions? thanksss!

Hi, my text still in red and i can’t change the colors :( and some effects the width and height options is not working!

This template is designed specifically for cc2019 Found a problem, working on a fix, tomorrow morning we will release an update with a fix. sorry for that


Just updated, re-download please the new version

CC 2019 does not have a Motion Graphics template folder in Common. Where is the folder? (mac)

check by this path:

username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Essential Graphics/


username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates/

Okay, it wasn’t there but i found a folder by opening the package contents of the actual application

I using cc2018. is it work change font in cc2018?

hello, unfortunately no, this feature available only in 2019 version