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Congrats bro, that’s absolutely amazing and unique! I love it that much!! I experienced it myself: You know what you do and how things have to be done!
Keep up the good work …. i’m sure this will sell a lot and we will see more of those great ideas coming from you!

Thanks bro! It will never look the same and without your work on that piece!

Beautifully done mate, love it! :)
Wish you many sales!

Thanks man! Appreciate the nice coment! :)

An excellent work!! I really like it! Congratulations!

Thanks bro!

Thanks man!

Looks great :-) Well done. Danny

Thanks for the nice comment bro!

I love it, great idea!!

Thanks cybersurge!


Where’s the best selling beach one mentioned in the description?

I just bought your magical one because of the live footage and this one along with the beach one will be awesome to add in as well. I love the live footage mixed with the graphics. Awesome work!

Thanks. Glad you like it!

Can I change the beach to my own beach shot?

Hi and thanks for contactiong me. No you can’t change the background video. The project works only with that shot. Regards!