Discussion on Ballicons Vol.2 — 100 Animated Icons

Discussion on Ballicons Vol.2 — 100 Animated Icons

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Quick question for you, can you show us the exact settings and directions you used to create the .GIFs so that we can make changes if we like :-)? Thank you! FIVE STARS!

Oh, and also, can you send me the star animation too? Thanks!

Hey there! Sure, here is the exact settings: (30 fps) Of course, they are valid only for our icons. Though, did’t get what star animation you mean ;)

Ok great thanks! And can you screen shot the export settings you used from AE as well??? I mean the star animation at the end of the demo video.

export settings : As for our promo video, we can’t provide you with it, even partially. Hope you understand our position.

And thank you for putting the prescription bottle in this one, I really appreciate it :-)!

Hey man! It’s a beautiful pack!

Thank you, guys! Your feedback is really important for us :)

Once again great job my friend, our music fit well with your projects :)

wish you many sales!

Thank you so much!


It’s nice ! I’ve buy the pack Vol1 and Vol2. When i go on .aep ’s folder in Vol2, it ’s identical repeating unit of Vol1 ! When will I be able to have the real version Vol2?

Thanks !

Hello! Re-download vol. 2, now it’s fixed, thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the update ! I just haven’t found only “server” file in .aep… :-S Very nice work !

So sorry, you will find Server icon in AEP file as «Data».

Hi! I’ve a problem only with the [guitar in-loop] icon, when I add it in my composition. In the transition between the “in” part and “loop” part, the icon becomes blurred. I have already activated “collapse transformations”, but I did not get any results. The other icons have no problems. Where am I wrong? Thank you very much.

Hi! You can fix this bug by yourself, or wait for an update that will be released tomorrow.

What to do: 1. Open «guitar_loop» composition (guitar in-loop/guitar_loop) 2. Turn on collapse transformation at «guitar loop» ? «guitar in» compositions.

Can collapse the transformations of the icons in this project?

You can collapse the transformation of all icons in the current version. If you’re not able to collapse the transformation of any icon, please, let us know.

Can collapse the transformations of the icons in this project?

Hey, fantastic project – I especially appreciate the .gifs. Question though: what’s the function of the CSS in the “List” folder?

Hi! Thank you for purchasing. Not really sure we got your question, list is an explanatory document with a list of all available icons, nothing more.

Are the vector files (svg or illustrator) included with this?

Hi! I’ve been struggling to create a gif like you. Could you let me know the settings and method you use to export them? Many thanks!