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Looks very cinematic! :)

Incredible sales and great mood!

Amazing job!

Yeah!) I’m a fan of marvel!) Love it!)

Cool! Just like in the Avengers!

Hey there. When I open the project, it doesn’t look like it does in the example. I’m not getting the reflection and textures. I’ve tried messaging you, but no response.

Very cool work! Good luck

im having same issue, no light in file like one in preview. please assist

This is a great little template, but as stated by pinger007 and jwattsjmd03 the reflection and textures in the example do not show on text in the project. Does that mean they are not included in the project? Without them the text appears flat and dark which is disappointing and not like the example. Can you message me with updated template or instructions to recreate the effect in your example video? Thanks in advance.


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Looked at this again properly last night and took me a few minutes to see the obvious! Yes, this is resolved in Element – I didn’t receive any message about missing textures when After Effects opens the project, however Element won’t find them at their relative paths so of course you just need to re-point them in Element. The lack of error message threw me. All working as expected now, excellent template!