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Welcome to Automator Plus

We’ve spent years refining the art of automating tedious and boring tasks in your video editing workflow within Adobe Premiere Pro. Automator Plus is the automation software that is the result of this determination to automate the boring. Let us give you back valuable time to focus on the creative stuff and let AI automate the boring.

40 Automations in One Extension

We’ve identified some of the most tedious and boring workflows with Premiere Pro and created 40 automations with thousands of variations wrapped up in one extension. Some of the most notable automations you can assign keyboard shortcuts to include:

Auto Beat Detection

Automatically detect beats of your chosen song using our advanced algorithm. Over 90% accuracy means that you’ll spend less time working out edit points and more time focusing on creativity.

Auto Editing on Beat

We have ten different algorithms to choose from when using the Auto Edit on Beat Automation. This new, state-of-the-art software allows you to create several different rough cuts in a matter of seconds. Mix and match different rough cuts and spend less time trying to figure out your basic timeline and more time refining it into a masterpiece.

Convert footage to stop motion

Have you ever wanted to convert your footage into a stop motion clip? Now you can with a single click of a button. Our Create Stop Motion automation allows you to select which clips you want to convert, how long each frame in the stop motion effect should be and on which track you would like the Stop Motion to be added.

Auto Effects

We have included three auto effect automations that create keyframes for you over an entire clip or for a subsection of a clip. The auto effects include Kenburns, Saturation and Shock Motion effects with various combinations.

Warp Stabilizing

Have you ever tried to stabilize multiple clips on the timeline at once within Premiere Pro? There are always some clips that are left out. Have you ever wanted to apply the warp stabilizer (or any other effect for that matter) sequentially one after the other? Now you can! With the Automator Plus, you can add Warp or Effect markers to your timeline and fire off an automation that will apply the effects one by one while you go and have a coffee letting the AI wait instead of you.

Exporting Screenshots

With Automator Plus you can automatically export all or your favourite frames on the timeline as screenshots in either JPG or PNG format.

Custom ExtendScript Execution

If you have custom ExtendScript code snippets lying around and would like to assign them to keyboard shortcuts to fire off during your video editing workflow you can now with Automator Plus. Never heard of ExtendScript before? Check out our YouTube channel to learn more about how you can create your automated workflows to fire off within Automator Plus.


Automator Plus also allows you to create and add custom transitions between two clips on the timeline.

Shot Selection

Simplify your shot selection workflow with Automator Plus. We’ve designed and organized multiple automations that work in conjunction with one another to speed up and streamline your shot selection process. Let loose automations to move the player back and forth, make cuts and move clips up and down using keyboard hotkeys.

Sync Video Effects

Copying across all the video effects from one clip to multiple other clips on the timeline.

Easy to Use UI

Automator Plus uses state of the art web technologies to ensure a smooth UI experience. You can easily add, remove, group, delete, save, export and import your own automation configurations using the Automator Plus Premiere Pro Extension.

Customisable Keys

Not everyone has the same workflow, so we are putting you in the driver seat and allowing you to assign each automation to a keyboard shortcut. Not enough keys? No stress! Within Automator Plus each automation can be assigned to a group and shortcuts are only fired for the active group. What does this mean to you? You can assign the letter “K” to multiple automations, provided they are in different groups.

Suitable for beginners

Automator Plus is easy to use for all levels of Premiere Pro users and ships with a default profile to help you hit the road running. There are easy to use automations like Beat Detection, Auto Edit and Export Screenshots as well as more advanced automations like adding your own Custom ExtendScript as an automation.


Automator Plus is Compatible with Mac & Windows and requires Premiere Pro 2020 or later to be installed. If you have multiple devices don’t fret, you can reuse your purchase on multiple devices.


If you encounter any problems setting up or using Automator Plus you can log a support ticket on our website or use the comment section on Envato to get in contact with us. Please feel free to reach out if you experience any performance issues or buggy behaviour.

Free updates are included in your purchase of the Automator Plus extension.


v1.5.1 (22 June 2021)

1. New Automation: Consolidate Project
2. New Automation: Consolidate Selected Sequences
3. New Automation: Generate Feedback Document

1. Export screenshots automation now prompts for export folder instead of using the same folder as pproj file
2. Removed refresh item list as item list now loads when InsertProj Item is selected in the form #728
3. Updated library of all automations

v1.5.1 (16 March 2021)

Warning dialog when cleaning or resetting profile
Refined the default profiles
Automation Groups now reflect the order in the imported JSON file
Mismatching profiles will now import with a warning
Sleeping a bit when exporting screenshots

Automations that have augmented args' validation would be failing, like exportScreenshots
Insert Project Item description now has item name instead of item node Id

v1.5.0 (3 March 2021)


1. New Automation: Create Stop Motion - this feature allows you to convert any footage into a stop motion clip with a single click of a button.
2. New Automation: Apply Effect - AlphaAdjust
3. New Automation: Apply Effect - AlphaGlow
4. New Automation: Apply Effect - Arithmetic
5. New Automation: Apply Effect - AutoColor
6. New Automation: Apply Effect - AutoContrast
7. New Automation: Apply Effect - AutoLevels
8. New Automation: Apply Effect - Basic3D
9. New Automation: Apply Effect - BevelAlpha
10. New Automation: Apply Effect - BevelEdges
11. New Automation: Apply Effect - Blend
12. New Automation: Apply Effect - BlockDissolve
13. New Automation: Apply Effect - BrushStrokes
14. New Automation: Apply Effect - ChangeColor
15. New Automation: Apply Effect - ChannelBlur
16. New Automation: Apply Effect - CineonConverter
17. New Automation: Apply Effect - ClipName


1. Improvement: Removed Automation: Apply Effect - CameraBlur - Removing - Not in PP 14.8

v1.4.0 (07 February 2021)


1. New Feature: Refresh Item List - Load all your project items into the Automator Plus.
2. New Feature: Insert Project Item - Insert any project item onto your timeline at the player.
3. New Feature: Play/Pause - Start or pause playback on timeline.
4. New Feature: Add Scene Marker - Adds a new type of marker, the scene marker. Choose which parts of your song a specific scene should be allocated to.
5. New Feature: Auto Edit Scene - Automatically edit your footage based on scene markers and auto edit markers. Select shuffle options on a per scene basis. For example, your clips marked with auto edit marker 1s will be edited into scene one on your timeline.
6. New Feature: Ripple Delete All Clips At Player - Ripple delete all clips at the player.


1. Improvement: Beat detection can now start adding beat markers at the player
2. Improvement: Updated default profiles to include new automations
3. Improvement: Updated library of all automations to include new automations

v1.3.6 (22 January 2021)

1. Improvement: All keyboard keys are now assignable as shortcuts, instead of a predefined list.

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