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“Where am I? What was that? I know… it was not bad… at all… not good… just great!! How it can be so perfect?... I don’t know…”

- GB -

I was afraid while I begin to read your comment….. he he he.

Thx a lot for nice comment my dear “revered, great sage” (Buddha). The great music tracks of Okan ( ) make this project a lot prettier.


Interesting project, Yann! Very creative!

Thx alot Alex

Something new and cool. Great colors :)

Thank you very much Wayman

Well done mate, another great one!
Best wishes ! :)

Thx a lot Final. Kind comment

Thanks a lot Final. Kind comment.

Wonderful creativity here, and the soundtracks really cool ! Really a master project . Congratulations guys ! I know we will see more from you keep up !!

Arthur, That’s a very nice and plesant comment. We appreciate alot, especially coming from you one of the three best VH authors…


I totally agree with Flashato: superb creativity, excellent sync, great music…. Very probably a future master piece on VH

I like how you edited the music. It perfectly synch. Nice design also. Very well done mate! :)

Great workk. Best wishes ! :)

Super Yann. I love to make musics to your great designs. Very unique project my friend. I believe it will be in the best sellers in a very near future.

Without your great music tracks this project could not be the same…. Thx a lot for your unique creativity, my friend. A real increase in value for customers, I think

Great job Yann. I really liked!

Thx alot Albert, Muratoz, Okan, Color Machine and Graphic Guru.

Awesome project Yann! :) Very inspiring! I wish you plenty of sales mate!

Thank you very much Phillip. Your kind comment is appreciated a lot.

You guys are doing a fantastic job! I love everything. Compositions, color, animation, idea, movements…Congrats once again Yann & Okan for your great design & music! You deserve a lot of sales.

Thank you very much Ironyk. Very kind comments. Really nice.

What to say…like always Great!

Thx alot 3dbacks.

He is an amazing designer. You really deserve best sales my friend.

Great Work Friend !

Thank you very much Amarama


Very creative work!

Thx a lot expresso