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Hi !

Nice works ! But badly, all the color for me don’t works. I have this message for 41 layers, ” After Effects ( alert ) : Expression disabled . Error on line 1 in the property Color Layer 1 ( logo.png ) in C_0_A composition. property or method named : Color in the classroom: not found or no Effect . She may have been renamed , moved or deleted , or the name is misspelled . ” Please help ! :) (Nb : I have the final version 2015.3)


Hi dear! Only works with EN After Effects! (or you set the language) Thank you!

Cool, thank you!

Hey thanks for the project! Any idea how to use this for Premiere Pro project?

Export rendered thirds (alpha) and import to premier.

Thanks for the share! :)

downloaded many times. it says no plugin found

Open with after effects

Forgive a question from someone much less experienced than you, but… When I render my edited project, the one I’ve chosen stays up in the screen where it is in your preview, nowhere near the lower third position. I’m sure (read: hope) it’s a simple fix as this is a very classy lower third!

Please buy “Minimal Lower Thirds” for free support! Thank You!

Well, it was a free download, so that’s where I got it from. Where else would I get it?

Please buy “Minimal Lower Thirds” for free support! Thank You!

Hello, really nice templates. Is there a way to add a stroke or something to make the text stand out more? I can’t seem to figure out how to make a stroke that isn’t the same color as the global preset.

Nevermind, I figured it out! Thanks!

Ok, great

Hi how can i increase the duration from the texts? from Transaction is too short for my apresentation!

I can’t see the “purchased” button. Please send me the license code for free support! Thank You!

Where i send? E-mail? Give me you e-mail i will send the certification file from envato

Hi, great work! My question is how do I get the video to look more crisp? Even in full view while editing the project, my logo looks pixelated and it’s in a very large format. Is there some kind of setting that I need to change? Because even when I export the file it looks a bit pixelate for some reason. I’ve never come across this issue before?

Is there any way you could email me the 4k version for some reason its not working on my end?

You can download the resizable version for free! If not, please purchase the file!

(The free file “status” expired)

how do you resize ? your instructions are not very explicit. great job tho

Hi, Set composition size; 1920×1080, 4K or custom size, then upscale the “Resizer” layer of the composition. This is the easiest way to free scaling of the whole composition. If you have more question, send an email to here: therealistguide@gmail.com

did not open with CS5.5

Please provide a refund

Hello! Please download again the file. Project compatible with cs5 or above!


BRUITS Purchased

Hello, I just bought the AE project but have two problems. Could you help me please, otherwise I will ask for a refund. a) I can’t seem to remove the sentence “(c) all right reserved therealist shop contact the envato market help team. b) I downloaded the preview video first to see if it would fit into my film project. In this video, there is dust in the “simple zoom” and “chaos credits”. In the AE project I bought, I don’t see those particles of white dust (and that’s precisely the reason why I bought your AE project). Can you help me ? (I’m running After Effects CC Version 15.0.1 (Build 73) on Mac Os 10.12.6

Hello, please send me an email: therealistguide@gmail.com


BRUITS Purchased

I did 2 days ago, but you didn’t reply…

Hello BRUITS! Thank you for purchasing! You can find the footages (updated) in the wetransfer file. Don’t forget the rate please: https://videohive.net/downloads

Very nice work!!