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Do these support any font, and do the text boxes auto-scale to fit the text?

Sorry, just checking in – has auto-scale been implemented now?

Not yet, and the new file release is delayed, but hopefully in this week will be out.

Can you send your email to: ? We will send you a notification as soon as the update is ready. Thank You!

This pack doesn’t have the effect at 0:15… “Monday Jan” thing…

Hi hung4444! These are all included in the package. Precomps names are “2_Lwt_Wide” and “Lwt_9_Superwide”. Did you purchase the pack from Envato?

So you combine those 2 into 1 lower third like in the video, right? I thought that lower third as 1 comp only. And the “Lwt_9_Superwide” in the video is white not black as in the pack.

I am totally newbie with AE, so it’s very hard for me to do adjustment.

The colors may differ, but this is normal mainly in two colors, black and white. You can change it with one click. Each lower-thirds are included in the package as separated precomps.


Hi! 12 lower thirds included, footages are not.

No need the footages, Is there a file where all the scenes together? Like the preview.

No, just the lower thirds.

Do you have the CS4 version? It is not in the download. If not, you should probably remove that from the product description.

Thank You!

Muchas gracias, voy a probarlo!

: ) Thank You!

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I second that S-DKG.

Im waiting for S-DKG to provide the link.

Thanks for using my item for your awesome work! Pls set a link to the item as at the moment no one can find the music :) TY <3

I sent for you an email, please copy & paste here the missing links – as comments – because Soundizer is not working : (

I like it. Thank for sharing

Thank You!

Very much appreciated… Cheers!!! :)


Very Nice Elements

Thank You!

Good job and very cool music track! ♪♫

Thank You!

How do you render out an individual lower third? When I open up a specific lower third composition and add it to the render queue, the resulting .mov file will animate in, but it’s missing the “time remap” for it to animate back out.

Hello Joncursi! Thank you for purchasing from us. Try copying directly the lower-third (the “time remapping” version) from timeline, not from Library panel. This will solve your problem.

Hi TheRealist! it is Great project! please, What music you used in this project? Thanks a lot!

Hello, the author name is S-DKG!

Great stuff :)

Can you resize the boxes before you render them?

yes, project is 100% after effects and everything is a shape and text

How do I resize the box before I render?

please send an email to here

Hello, new updates are available!

Nice, clean L3’s. Two issues. #1 How do I get rid of the grey background that surrounds the logo. I rendered it out and the grey background is still there. I can’t seem to find it in the comp. #2 I want to use a Quicktime animation instead of a .png file for the logo but it won’t play the .mov file out. Is there a fix for this? Thanks

Hi, #1 You must turn on the transparent view, before start rendering: #2 You must download the quicktime plugin, and simple replace the file. Thank You, Therealist

Hello, new updates are available!