Aquanum - 1 Aquanum - 2

The project used to create the preview video is also included!

Liquify your digits! Make your numbers look like they are formed from a single drop of water, milk, chocolate. Make them gold. Make them silver. Make them bronze. Maybe you would like them to turn into ice? Or magma? Maybe dip them in oil or ink? That’s up to you! Presenting now: Aquanum. An after effects project file which contains prerendered frames for digits 0 through 9 for you to use however you like!

  • The project contains prerendered frames for digits 0 through 9.
  • Each digit consists of 180 frames but could be made infinite. Time remapping works great.
  • The initial digit size is nearly 720px in both height and width, so it’s perfect for HD
  • The project is created in CS4, but you could use an earlier version too. All you have to do is import the prerenders.
  • No plugins required. It only uses some of the CC plugins which come with CS4.
  • Includes a video tutorial on how to edit the project file

Styles/Presets included, which are also shown in the video:

  • Initial state of each digit – orange color.
  • Water
  • Sea Water
  • Milk
  • Chocolate
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Oil
  • Ink
  • Swamp
  • Ice
  • Magma/Lava
  • Cola/Soda

Media that is NOT included in the project file. Credits:

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