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Very nice work!

Cool work! I wish you big sales!

that’s how we love it! stunning stuff!)

i love the dark atmosphere ! Nice one , good luck with the sales :)

Looks very good :)

Excellent work mate :)

very cool!

Very Nice Work !

An interesting work! :)

vparallax, awesome work!

Great job! :D Love the dark, anxious feel. :)

Woah when i try to edit it, It wont even show a preview keeps dropping frames? Pritty useless at the moment.

I found out the issue anyway i am just wondering what do i render it in do i drop frames? and do it at 29.97? can you let me know asap thanks

Hello Mnt125, may I ask you did you drop the resolution to ‘half’ or lower while previewing? And did you use RAM preview to do the preview?

I’m sorry i don’t understand your question. Are you asking why you keep getting the drop frames while previewing? If so, I believe that you’re not using the RAM preview.

Don’t use the ‘space tab’ to preview, instead you need to click the number ‘0’ on your numerical side of keyboard. Then let AE doing all the buffer and calculation first. You can click ‘0’ again to see the result.

If i was to buy this what would i render it in? like mnt said select drop frames and selected frame rate at 29.97?

Yes the output video for this template would have a 29.97 in frame rates and 1920×1080 in resolution