Discussion on Animated Lightbulb Typeface

Discussion on Animated Lightbulb Typeface

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Hi I am having trouble customizing the glow intensity. can you help me?

is there a tutorial. nothing seems to be working.

Yea. A video tutorial would have been inside the download. Did you not see it? Feel free to send a private message.

Just bought but I can’t open it in AE CC 2019

Shoot me a message through my profile.

I just sent you an email.

Everything works fine now thank you for your quick reply.

Facing similar issue as mentioned above. Having trouble opening on mac with After Effects CC 2019. Can anyone help me out.

Yea. Please send me a message through my profile page and I’ll get you a working link. Sorry! I gotta update the project file.

I’m having trouble opening on mac with 2019 After Effects. Shows me red error messages that the files are unsupported. What do you suggest?

I responded to your email. hopefully that will work!

HI there. Just bought and having stream errors when I try to open it

Hey, please message me through my profile page and I can help.

Purchased and not working on AE CC 2018 and 2019… Can’t use the .MOV file either. Please email me at

Hey there great animation, but the letters don’t show up, I get a video stream error? Can’t pull assets into premier or media encoder either?

i purchased a yearly subscription and it let me download it?

so if I purchase, it will resolve the issue?

Did you get it on Envato Elements? if so, please send me a private dm through my profile. thanks!


I have the same problem: with After Affects CC2018, and i get video stream errors.. How’s that possible??

can’t use any .mov neather

Are you on a PC? It may be a codec that cant be read. I am out of the office but can take a look first thing in the morning. My apologies.

download the zip file, extract it, then open it with After Affects CC2018, and i get video stream errors.. How’s that possible?

Video Stream Errors? Can you message me privately through my profile so we can take a closer look? Then you can send me screenshots.

I like it! great. I wish you many interesting works and good sales!

I use windows. And the source files don’t seem to be able to stream.Could you fix this problem please?

Using windows shouldn’t affect anything. Does AE at files are dissing? You may need to remind them to the files included in the footage folder.

Very cool!!! I know why I can’t make such a video. When I was little boy, my mom bought me a violin :) ...and I can do music!!! ;) I wish you great sales, and I will be glad to cooperate!

Hey Alex! Absolutely love this and am having a blast playing around with it (also excited to use it for our church). I’m having a similar issue to another comment and my text is also white even if I adjust the character colors. Placement and camera movement is fine. Were you guys able to figure it out from a few months ago? I could very well have missed something!

We did solve it. I think he was pulling in the wrong pre-comp of the letter. I am away from my computer now to see exactly what it was but double check that you are using the right pre-comp. if you don’t have it by tomorrow I’ll be back in my office then. That’s great you are using it for church! I also have another site for great church content. May be worth checking out for you.

Brilliant. That’s exactly what I did too. Thanks for straightening my head out, haha. Love what you’re doing over at Pixel Preacher too! We’ve been following on social media (Instagram mostly) and really appreciate all the work you guys are doing! I came here from CRTVTALKS as soon as I saw Josh’s post (who apparently is the brother of a gal in our cell group!). Keep it ALL up. You guys bring such great quality to what’s out there and really help me as I’m learning this whole side of things.

Awesome! Glad you got it worked out. We have some cool projects coming in the next month or so. New accounts on the site get a promo code for a free download. And grab some freebies while you are at it. Glad we can serve you guys!

Any way to make this work with my Logo?

Yes, you can see an example at the end of the preview video of the envato logo.

Maybe I’m missing something, but when I load the project file, the characters that I drag down are white. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get them a different color.

Did you follow the video tutorial?

Yes. In fact, it’s not long into the tutorial where things go sideways.

I follow the tutorial right up to the point where the text is dragged into place. When you do it, the text has color. When I do it, the text is white.

Is there some setting in After Effects that I’m using wrong?

I will respond to your email so we can correspond that way.

How long does the animation last for?

You can make them last as long as you need.

Thanks mate but I have one problem. The files is on .mov and I can not add to AAE (windows 10)

I solve it….. just install a quick time player :) Thank you, briliant job!

Simple but very remarkable work


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