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Also I am looking for some ROmantic trailer templates…(like your blockbuster templates) but more romantic and soft. Can you suggest me any? Thanks

Cheers Raj

Hi, can you gie me some help ? image capture with error : thanks!

Hi, yes we can help. The script file that is in the package works only with English version of After Effects. You can contact us through e-mail and we will send you modified version of the script file that will work with French language version of After Effects.

You can send e-mail through profile page

Is it possible to use a logo for this instead of just font?

The project file has not been prepared for a logo use, but it is possible to get something similar working. Hardest part would be lighting and texturing the logo. Fortunately we can give you some instructions to do it.

Very very cool!

hi, i would like to use image logo for this project., can you give me instructions how? and i want to use korean characters, is that also possible?

This screen capture video will give you a hint how to use logo instead of characters.

Unfortunately korean characters are not in the package, but you can make characters work the same way as the logo.

great! thanks for the reply!


Can I place a 3d product, instead of font?


Hi. This template has not designed for this but it is possible. You can watch this video to see how to use logo instead of text. Workflow would be similar with the 3d product.

I’ve purchased this package but struggling to change the BG colour in the water splash 2 Comp. Any tips? Looks like the only option is to make a curves adjustment across the whole comp.

Here is one way to change color – This method works for darker colors.

I’m getting an error when I run the script.

“Unable to execute script at line 34. Null is not an object.”

Any idea how to get around that?

Make sure that “al_about.jpg” and “al_header.png” are in the same folder as the script file. Restart After Effects and it should work.

Hi, amazing work.. Can I change the font or it can work only with the font you designed? Thanks

Hi, thanks. The template only includes pre-rendered letters with Oswald font, but there is a way to use your own font or image. Here is an example how it can be done –


Hi, amazing work!!! will it work with after effects cs 5.5 ? and where can i get the music?

Hello, sorry for my late reply. The package includes sound-effects wav file. You can listen it in the beginning of the preview video. Unfortunately the song is not included. This is something that I only use for promotion.

I saw some options of background change that applies only to dark colors. Is there any way to have white bg?

Hi. There is no built in way to change the background to white, but if you want to do it, then you should take a look at “2_04 – TV Title” comp. You should copy Effect Controls from “Splash” and “Title” layer to the comp that you are working with. If you would like to get more help then send me an e-mail

Hi B2H Studio, any plans to update your amazing template in 4K?

Hi, it is a good idea and it might happen, but unfortunately not in the near future.

how do I get the water to not look like black oil? It does this when I change the background to a blue color

You should send me an email with the screenshot to This way I can see what kind of background color you would like to use.

I purchased this and and happy with the final product. But can I animate a pre-made logo or just the offered text?

Sorry for not answering. This project file is not built for logo use, but it can be done. Here is an example how to do it –

Hi Guys, I’m getting a TON of errors upon on loading the project file using AE CC 2018. Any chance you could look into this and maybe update it, or re-wrap it for CC 2018? The script gives errors as well.


Hi, I have a huge problem – a lot off the files appear as offline – why is that? is it a problem that i’m using a mac? because its offline the animate letter part does not work. what should I do? Please help – need it for tomorrow The opening message when I open the AE IS- “AFTER EFFECT ERROR SOURCE FILE HAS NO IMPORTABLE STREAMS. PLEASE CHECK THAT IT IS A VALID VIDEO/AUDIO FILE” HELP

(Problem has been solved through e-mail support)

Has anyone seen this error when running the script? I am using AE CC2018.

“Error at line 399 in file ~/Downloads/videohive-7255789-animated-letters-water-splash-package/Script/Animated%20Letters%20WS.jsx After Effects error: Unable to call “setValue” because of parameter 1. Value “NaN” of element 0 in the array is not a valid float.”

(Problem has been solved through e-mail support)

Hi, how can I change color of each letter?