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thanks for shared, excelent presentation :)

superb animations! Good luck with sales :)

Many thanks…looks awesome!!! Cheers :)

So cool! Thank you!

Very good project, but does not support other fonts besides Oswald and Cyrillic characters. How can I fix it?

The project uses pre-rendered charcter animation. Right now you can’t use other fonts. I will start working on the script that will work with other fonts as well. It should be ready at the end of next month.

Sorry, how can I change font size only for some letters?

I mean, let’s look at the word “TEST”. I’d like the first 3 letters in the 168px size, and the last letter in 230px. Is it possible?


You should first insert all letters with 230px. Then after that you can scale each letter individually by selecting the letter layer you wan’t to scale. Hit “S” on keyboard to bring up the scale property. Also move letters closer to each other after you have scaled them down. Hit “P” on keyboard to bring up the position properties.

Thanks, I made it!

One more question: is it possible to do the same thing about the “light, regular, bold” option and the color as well?

For example, the first letters in “200px, normal, silver” and the last “230px, bold, red”?

You can not do “bold” as it should be, but you can try using “stroke” effect. Trag the effect to the letter-layer you wan’t to change and type in some negative value like “-20”. This will give you bolder look, but rounded edges.

For color you can use “Fill” effect. Add keyframes to “color”. This way you can get one color as the letter is falling and other color when it is on the ground.

excellent work buddy!!!

1. My package didn’t include the Oswald fonts folder 2. I continue to get an error message when I go to script. “Unable to execute script at line 13. Window is undefined”. Can you assist me.

Hi, that’s a very impressive template. I would totally buy it, however I’m missing some foreign letters. Do you think you could extend your alphabet to include these missing Latvian letters? I mean you already have most of them, but not all. (

Can’t see what you’ve typed down. I get only question marks instead of letters. But you can easily find them all under this link:

At this point I’d like to add that I already found another template, so if you don’t think this is a good idea all by itself to add some more letters, forget what I’ve said. =) Your template is awesome, but I realized it does not quiet fit the style of my project. However, more projects to come and if you do add these Latvian letters, I might be your buyer one of these days.

Hi, when I use the script, it comes up with an “error at line 393 in file. Unable to call “setValueAtTime” because of parameter 2. Value 7.52 out of range 0 to 0.” Any help would be awesome.

Hi, Redownload the project file and just edit the text. Let me know if you still have the same error.

I downloaded it when it was free, so do I have to pay again to redownload it?

Hi. I received the Oswald Gravity Package when it was free for the month of November – When opening it in After Effects CC it gives me a message that the file may be damage and will not open. Would you happen to know how I can open this file?

Hi. I would recommend to redownload, but right now the template is not free anymore. You can take a look at the beginning of the tutorial to see what files you should have in the package. If you suspect that the only problem is the “Oswald Gravity.aep” then send me an e-mail ( and I will send you a new one.

hi!!! I sent you an email!!!!!


Have you made some changes since v1.02?



No changes have been made since v1.02.


Is it compatible with Adobe CC ?

Thanks :-)



Yes it works also with After Effects CC and CC 2014.

Hi. I received the Oswald Gravity Package when it was free for the month of November – I followed the directions and the tutorial, but its just giving me a message saying that the file may be damage and will not open. Would you be able to help me with this…

Could you send me a screen capture video or images to Then I can take a look what’s going on and help you.

Hi! Thanks for your response! I have emailed you screen shots!

Can I lay this animation over my pre-existing video?

Sorry for not answering. Yes, you can lay this animation over any video. All backgrounds in this project can be replaced with your own content.

This is awesome! Thank you for including a tutorial file! Very easy to comprehend!

Thank you! :)

hi, can i use only the letters because i need to convert it to json files (lottie only accept vector)

hello ? anyone’s home??