Discussion on Animated Icons 1000+

Discussion on Animated Icons 1000+

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Hi! Really nice work, looking forward to purchase this pack. Are these icons compatible with CC 2019? and can I change the icons to any color I want?

Can you replace an icon with your own artwork if it’s similar. I mean – if you want a certain extra detail?

You can edit my icons inside After Effects as they are created with shape layers and shape layers can be edited.

Thanks for the reply!

Hi maxafter1, I purchased this product yesterday, but there is only some flower patterns(Flourishes) and no icons at all, only in catalogue preview. Where are icons?

nevermind, I found it

Thanks for your purchase.

If I put these icons anywhere (web page, visual basic application, android apps, etc…) you think the icons will still be animated ?

You need to first render them and create gifs. checkout this Tutorial.

Where I can find the text animation which you used in the demo video with numbers like 18 Restaurant & Food Icons

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. The numbers are part of promo not the project. It can easily be achieved by creating a SOLID layer and apply effects by going to EFFECTS>TEXT>NUMBERS and animated the value.

No I mean where can I find the jumping text effects which you use in those scene?

Please download this preset for the jumpy text:

If I want to use this for my YouTube videos for commercial purposes, do I need to constantly purchase a Regular or Extended license? It seems financially impossible to create content on YouTube if I have to pay $42 for every video I post… Is there a work around to this or am I just simply screwed out of luck?

I am sure there must be an easy wayout.

Sorry, I’ve looked everywhere for this information but Envato licenses are not very clear to say the least… Could you provide me the answer my friend?

Did you email Envato or videohive support ?

Hello do You have any check mark icon?

In warning Icons folder.You will find check Mark Icon

what a huge pack!




I can easily save the icons, one by one, in gif?

Can I easily edit icons?

Thank you

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!


Salam brother, can you tell us what’s the name/title of the nasheed?


It’s Omar Esa

Great set of icons, really like it.

Wassalam, The nasheed name is “Allah” by Omar Esa

Hey maxafter! I’m not really sure about the videohive license terms. Both the regular license and extended license don’t really say if i can reuse the icons in different videos… If our company buys the extended License can we make multiple free explainer videos or just “1 end product” i.e. 1 video? The way I understand it is that we would have to relicense for each video? But that would seem to defeat the point of an Icon pack. It would be great if you could clarify this so I can use your brilliant work ;-)

Its so embarrassing to say that you and I are on the same boat. I tried to understand the licensing procedure but I am still not clear about it. I would suggest that you email videohive for proper explanation cos I don’t want to misguide you.

:-D Ok no worries. I’ll post Envatos’s response here so people know for the future.

Many Thanks

awesome work


Assalamualeikum! Fine work. I have a question: 1) for example I created a video for these icons. Can I use in YouTube for commercial use? 2) Can I create more videos for YouTube? And can they be monetized?

Wassalam. Hmmm Tough question. I think Envato would be able to give you an exact answer as its their terms and conditions. However you can take a look at the license agreement here:

For those who do not know after effects where to start? , I really want to immediately work with your icons

hey buddy, nice project and i love it… are those sound effects included too? and one more q… i can use this icons in premiere pro project, right? nice background music tho

Hi, Thanks. Yes the Soundfx are included. The Icons are created in After Effects CS3 using Shape Layers, You can render them in After Effects and import the movie in premiere but I don’t know if you can import the shape layers directly in Premier since I am not a premiere user.

Nice Work!


Hi, I am opening the AE comps in Premier Pro and the icons come out quite small, is there a way to quickly change the size of all the comps together?

Hi. Thanks for your purchase. By increasing the Comp size, you will only increase the size of the composition not the size of the Icon itself ! The easiest way of increasing the icon size is to create the desired New comp size and drag and drop the desired Icon into the new comp. Turn on Collapse Transformation and increase the size of the icon. Do you have Collapse Transformation Button in Premiere Pro? If yes may be turn it on and increase the size of the icon in Premiere itself, it wont pixelate.

hi. nice pack. im looking for gas station animations/icons concepts… i hope you can you add this suggestion in future version… like this:

Thanks. We have Oil Industry in the other Flat Animated Pack:


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