Animated Hands with Mobile Devices

Animated Hands with Mobile Devices

Every second project includes frames with phone or tablet. So we decided to help you to optimize your work and made a big pack with hands and devices. In the project are included 72 unique male’s and female’s hand animations. You can easily change color of skin (3 colors are included) and some accessories. Which devices do we have in the project? It’s iPhone, Android phone, iPad and Android tablet. And this is not all!! Also we have 24 animal’s hand animations (crab`s, octopuse`s, tiger`s) to make your videos more funny. You can change the color of devices, and there are placeholders for the phone screen and tablet screen. You don’t need any Advance knowledge of After Effects in order to use this Logo Animations. Even if you never worked with the After Effects you can watch the video tutorial and complete the job.


  • 4K (3840×2160)
  • 100% Shape layers
  • Resizable
  • Modular project
  • 96 unique animations(36 male`s hand animations,36 female`s hand animations,24 animal`s hand (8 crab`s, 8 octopuse`s, 8tiger`s) animations)
  • No plugins required
  • Fully customized
  • After Effects CS6 or higher
  • Fast render
  • 29.97 fps
  • Skin color presets
  • Gadget`s variation (4 types for phone and 4 types for tablet)
  • Unique accessories and cloth (wrist watch, bracelet, shirt and suit) for human characters
  • Video tutorial included
  • Huge variety of hand`s motion for each group (in-animation, out-animation, single click, double click, slide left, slide right, slide up, slide down)
  • Variety of the hand`s position (right hand holding phone,left hand holding phone and right hand is moving, tablet in both hands in horizontal position, tablet in both hands in vertical position)
  • Placeholders for the phone screen and tablet screen
  • Music is not included (Click here to buy this item)

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