Discussion on Ancient World

Discussion on Ancient World

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Amazing work! Idea, execution… Definitely this must be next featured project!!! :)

Hey, thanks a lot! :)

Another great work, it’s really good my friend!!

Hey, thanks a lot, my friend! Long time ago I didn’t see new work from you. This is bad, because your works every time it’s something incredible and inspiring. :)

An absolutely fabulous masterpiece.

Thank you very much! :)

This is pure art, I’m really impressed by this magnificent work!

Big thanks, Muko!

Volshebno, Alex! ;)

Bolshoe spasibo, Timur, priyatno znat’ chto ponravilos’! :)

very impressive project… it’s really inspiring.. hat’s off to you.. :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Bravo Wayman! Inventive, Unique, Creative, Inspiring…Just Brilliant! I’m Filming Like Mad in Neveda and Arizona, but watching content like this while out on the road gets me fired up to produce when I return man! Awesome!!!!!

Thank you, my friend, I’m really glad that you liked! Wish you many inspiration in your filming! I hope that again it will be something incredible! :)

This is a stunning project – and I only hope that you develop a second one based on this one – not for the opening, but for images presentation.

I would love to buy something like that to show art images – your transitions and the artistic feel is wonderful. Somebody more advanced with AE might be able to use this project for slide (art) presentation, but it would be too much work for me.

I hope you develop a “spin-off”.

Beautiful music, beautiful video.

Thank you very much for the feedback and for your wish. If I will make a second version of this project I will take note of your suggestion.

Once again, thank you!

Perfect masterpiece bravo :)

Thanks a lot! ;)

Really great masterpiece and awesome artwork! It fits perfect with our project and with our music. If you like, take a look:

Thank you for this fantastic job!

Wow, big thanks for the feedback and the link! For me, it’s always a great pleasure to see how was used my project! Thanks you very much, angelwood!

Wayman, Thanks for this creation. It will perfectly fit my project. It’s inspiring, artistic, clear. I don’t know anything about AE but I installed it, opened your project, watched the mini tutorials and I think that will be easy enough to adapt everything to my need.
I have a question though : My AE project will be viewed on a website so I need to know the appropriate settings to save it (video codec, other details) so that we can get good quality but with an appropriate file size. I’ll upload it on Youtube (your opinion?) and embed it on my site.
Question 2: first we’ll view our logo introduction (using another VIdeohive AE project) and then Ancient World revisited. How can I create only one project then. Should I open both AE projects in 2 different AE windows, then copy and paste one in the other timeline, then render ?

Also, as my file is full HD, how can I reduce it in web format ? Is it done in Youtube directly ?
By web format I mean it won’t be the huge size it’s saved in. Newbie question, ya I know…

Last question : how do I create the black header and footer giving the cinema style viewing.

Please write me through my profile and i will send you an answer. :)

Hi Wayman,
I’d like to tell you how grateful I am and how much satisfied I am with your work. I’m a newbie in AE. I had basic questions. You answered all of them, did not let me down or looked down on me, and took time to reassure me.
I can’t thank you enough.
I’ll be watching your new projects carefully and I will never hesitate to buy from you if necessary knowing the fact that you won’t let your customers down. Cheers, AB

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I’m really glad that my answers helped you. :)

Best Regards,

The template isn’t a…template. There are just videos and text. You can only change text. YOU CAN’T CHANGE ANY DRAWING! so is no help for me. If I knew you, I wouldn’t spend that much money on it.

Thanks for the purchase.

Sorry, but you are wrong, because it is a template, and in this template you can change the text. Did you read the description before you bought it? — “This sand animation for a movie opening scene. Here you can add your own text with help of program Adobe After Effects.”

You cannot change the text in any other program except Adobe After Effects. In this program I was made rotoscoping of each scene, if you know what I mean, and only there you can add your own text, because it is a template for this program.

Based on your comments I can not help you anything. For any questions please contact the support –

Best Regards,

I understand and I have a solution to save this. Please check your email.

Please check your email too.

Thanks so much. It matched almost perfectly with the story we were trying to tell.

Thank you for your purchase and thanks a lot for the feedback with the link! For me it always interesting to watch how was used my project! I’m glad that you liked my work!

Genius! Love the way to present this with sand drawing. Love it!

Thank you. I also purchased the Last Hero – Logo Opener which I highly recommend as well. I will post a link when we have our project finished. I think you will like what we did because it is used a promotional trailer but instead of telling the story with clips from the film, we are using the sand story to say it in a different way. A lot of people like the concept and I love what you did with this. I am extremely experienced in AE, but for anyone who is not, this is the only author I know that goes into so much depth to assure you can understand how to work with it. I will be checking out your stuff for all of my projects.

Just saw Last Hero! Getting that too! I did not connect the logo opener with it, LOL! You are amazingly great!

Thank you for your kind words! I’ll be happy to see what you’ve done with the project. It is always interesting to watch a way of the project where and how it was used. :)

Utterly dissapointed! I bought this great template a while ago for a project and I used it on one of my YouTube video but unfortunately it got Content ID match put on it therefore the video cannot be monetized… and as a result it became useless! Too bad!

Please, check your email box. I’ve sent my claim back to this company. I hope the situation will be resolved soon.

Problem Solved!

Thank you Alex for all your help in removing the Content ID claim on our video. It has been removed as soon as you notified the claimant. We’re really appreciate it!

I’m really glad that the problem was solved! And thank you for your understanding!

Nice video! Good work! I wish you all the best!

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