Analyst - 1


Analyst is a customizable After Effects project created exclusively for Videohive. It features a set of 7 types of professionally designed graphs that can be used for any project that features data and statistics: corporate presentations, annual reports, survey reports, infographics, educational videos, visualizations, HUDs and more.

A bonus title sequence for your presentations is included as well.


  • 100% After Effects
  • 1080p
  • No plugins required
  • 7 ways to show your statistics: Bar graph, Line graph, Ring graph, Concentric Circles graph, Single Ring graph, Percent graph, Number graph
  • Up to 12 bars and points for Bar and Line graphs
  • Up to 10 sections for Ring and Concentric Circles graphs
  • Legend support for Ring and Concentric Circles graphs
  • 4 Color Presets to color your graphs with consistency
  • Create and use your own Color Presets
  • Graphs can be easily exported as editable compositions to other After Effects projects
  • Graph appearance can be customized to match your own taste
  • Easily create transitions between graphs of the same type, by animating a few values
  • Minimal use of pre-comps for hassle-free duplicating of graphs
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Bonus Title Sequence included
  • Title Sequence streak and bars can be colorized using Color Presets
  • 16-page documentation to help you get the most out of Analyst


Links to the fonts used in the project are available in the documentation.
Music used in the video preview: IDM Theme 1 by onefromthemillion
Music used in the Title Sequence: Acoustic Fresh Logo by MusicPremium

Please note that the streak in the Title Sequence is a pre-rendered element.

Analyst v1.1 Update

  • Universalized project to work with international versions of After Effects
  • Fixed a critical bug where the 8th bar in Bar Chart comp wouldn’t animate correctly
  • Corrections and minor changes in the documentation

Analyst v1.2 Update

  • All Analyst users can now enjoy Counters, a brand new scene taken from our newest corporate presentation template, Epic. We’ve also included a video tutorial to help you customize it.
  • Simplified the process of changing color presets. You can now change the color preset for all graphs in Analyst from one central Control Panel
  • Cleaned up some compositions
  • Edited the Documentation with the update log and some new instructions


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Bonus Title Sequence

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Screenshot 12

Change appearance settings

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Screenshot 18

Four color presets included. Easily create and use your own.

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