Analyst 2

Analyst 2


Analyst 2 is the sequel to one of our most successful projects to date. We tried making Analyst 2 much easier to use than its predecessor making each infographic a standalone composition. What this means is that to edit the values, labels and title of, say, the line chart, you only need to edit that composition alone. Furthermore, should you want to create a new line chart with different values, you can just duplicate the original composition and edit the values in the new composition. No need to mess around with replacing pre-comps, etc.

Changing each Chart’s values happens right in the composition window. Just double click on the corresponding number you want to change, and edit it. The same applies for labels and chart titles.

Analyst 2 features a set of 13 types of professionally designed charts that can be used for any project that features data and statistics: corporate presentations, annual reports, survey reports, infographics, educational videos, visualizations, HUDs and more.


  • 100% After Effects
  • 1080p
  • No plugins required
  • Each chart is standalone, so to duplicate a chart you only need to duplicate one comp and edit the new one. We’ve eradicated messy pre-comps
  • Edit values from within the composition window
  • Adaptive design: Graphic elements will automatically adapt depending on how many values you’re using for a chart (Available only for charts that feature a legend)>/li>
  • 13 ways to show your statistics: Horizontal Bars, Vertical Bars, Line, Filled Bar, Ring, Single Ring, Sphere, Population, Radar, Pie, Concentric Circles, Clock and social Counters
  • Support for up to 12 values for the Vertical Bars and Line charts
  • Support for up to 10 values for the Ring, Pie and Radar charts
  • Support for up to 6 values for Concentric Circles, Population, Vertical Bars, Filled Bar and Sphere charts
  • 4 Color Presets to color your graphs with consistency
  • Create and use your own Color Presets
  • Clean and Elegant design
  • PDF documentation included


Font used: Roboto Slab
Music used in the video preview: Wonder by marcozannone

Please note: The presentation of the project (the video preview) is NOT included in the download.

Also: We highly recommend you download and install the font (Roboto Slab) before opening the project.

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