Discussion on Analog Counter

Discussion on Analog Counter

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Hello, I need to make this 9 minutes long, how do I do so?

hi – is there a ”$” in the project?

Hello. It doesn’t contain any symbol. However you can always change the layouts using custom design ;) good luck

How can i change speed of changing digits? I have big number to count (milion) and the digits on the right are changing too fast and its blury. Thank you.

Hello. You cane turn off the motion blur and/or disable/enable accurate counter.

Sorry if I missed someone else asking this. I’m trying to count from 900 to 1000 and it doesn’t appear to be accurate though accuracy is checked. The 1s digit and 10s digit doesn’t correspond properly to the 100s. I also just tried counting from 975 to 1000 and got the same result. The ones and tens are zipping more times then necessary to reach 1000 in an accurate count. Thanks for your help!

Hi- Ive seen a question above asking the same thing – but couldn’t see an answer – is there any way to make the counter scroll upwards instead of downwards? so its counting up? or would I need to export a comp and reverse it?


Yes.I would advise to export/render and reverse.

Best of luck in your projects. !G

I renamed the top two layers to reflect the start and end number, but it wont show. it stays the same. Please help. URGENT

Hi Ghassan, I’m a little stressed as i’m sitting with clients. Wanted to add more detail. I’m using AE CC 2017. Will you template still work? thank you

Hello Ghassan,

I need the counter to calculate from “00000” to “1340” and pause, after 30sec. continue from “1340” to “1800” and pause, after 30sec. continue again from “1800” to “25000” So could I???

Cool stuff! =) GuitarNation


I purchased the product great by the way. But I am having an issue with the decimal maker past 20sec wanted to get it for 25sec composition.


Thank you for your interest in the Analog Counter Project.

To increase the duration: – change the duration of “COUNTER_FINAL” to the required duration. – toggle the Shy button and stretch all the layers to fill the timeline. – move the keyframes in layer 11 (“Speed & Duration”)

Hope the above was helpful.


I’m having trouble adding a decimal point to the counter, I’ve added one in the renaming of the number layers 1 & 2 but it doesn’t seem to be adding to the final project. Also, is there a way to add a £ sign at the start of the numbers? I’ve tried this but an error occurs.


Hi, couple questions: 1) How can I reverse the rotation as the default seems to be going in the wrong direction for counting upward. 2) I want this to be counting one at a time but 2 numbers start moving before even getting there at the number. I’ve selected “freeze” for the second number but I want it to UNFREEZE automatically when the numbers naturally increase. Is there a way to do that? Thanks!

Great project. Would like to know how to make counter start from 109,000 down to 99,000 for example – But showing the number going down not randomly in between. and also show it clear. Thank you for your help, in descending mode. From top to low.

Ghasan, First off wanted to thank you for this robust counter it is great and it’s almost doing what I want. However I am trying to get it to count from zero all the way to 547,182 leaving the 8th digit a zero as we are illustrating getting to a goal of 1million. However, the counter is counting very erratically and not in order. I tried starting over and it is still not accurate. Can you help?

Hi Elias, Thank you for your interest in the counter and I hope it’s helping in your projects. In regards to your questions : - to freeze a digit, check the effects controls of layer 5 (Freeze/Unfreeze digits). - to control the counter animation, pls refer to layer 3’s effects control. You can tick the ‘Enable Accuracy’ box to have an accurate animation vs a random one. I hope the above was helpful.


Is there a way to make this a 40 minute video? I did that time stretch method but that didn’t seem to work so I thought I’d see if there was a way to authentically make it that long.

Hi Joel,

It can be done with ‘COUNTER_FINAL’ Comp, but it has few hidden layers that might create some issues.

I would advise to use the following simple way to do so :

- create a new 40mins comp

- add ‘COUNTER_FINAL’ comp

- use time re-mapping on ‘COUNTER_FINAL’ layer to fill the timeline.

Hope this was helpful.

Good luck and thank you for your interest in the Analog Counter project.


I tried that the only problem is it plays back like it’s in super slow motion because it is just playing back a 1 minute video in slowmotion.

Hi Ghassan,

I’m counting from 900,000 to 1,000,000 but the 10,000th – 1 digit are spinning so fast until the very end of the animation. As another commenter phrased it, “all of the zeroes just sort of pop on together at the end of the animation.”

Right now, it looks like a slot machine instead of counter, and I’d like to smooth it out a bit. Sort of like an odometer.



Thank you so much for your kind note. Am really glad you found a way and the project was helpful in your project. Apologies for not replying earlier, I was on vacation.

Best of luck. !G

Thanks. Yes, it worked great in our project. I used it in a video for BitPay that aired on ESPN. You can see it here:

Thanks again!

Nice work :-) Best of luck in your future projects.

hi how can i substitute numbers with letters?


Thank you for your interest in the analog counter project.

As mentioned in the preview video, the counter has a limited usage for letters, since it has a 10 digits constraint.

It can be achieved by a simple work around :

- replace the digits comps in /USE TO CUSTOMIZE/ folder with the needed letters

- animate the counter accordingly

For example, let’s say we would like to do a simple “Hello”—> “World” animation.

- The letter used are : H, E, L, O, W, R, D
- In /USE TO CUSTOMIZE/ folder we'll replace:
       * "0" Layer in "0" Comp with "H" 
       * "1" Layer in "1" Comp with "E" 
       * "2" Layer in "2" Comp with "L" 
       * "3" Layer in "3" Comp with "O" 
       * "4" Layer in "4" Comp with "W" 
       * "5" Layer in "5" Comp with "R" 
       * "6" Layer in "0" Comp with "D"

- Set the starting number to 01223 and the end number to 43526

- voila :-)

I hope the above was useful.

Hi There

Great job!

Is is possible to add letters and freeze in the 1’s & 10’s slot i.e. Km or Nm to express kilometres or nautical miles and still have the counter working as intended.



Did you try the freezing the digits from the effect controller in the [freeze] layer ?

My settings are from 15,000,000 to 19,100,000. As it approaches 19.1 million, all of the zeroes just sort of pop on together at the end of the animation. Is there any way for the numbers to animate more slowly from the 10,000th digit to the 1s digit? Does that make sense? Put another way, I would like the animation to cascade more smoothly from the 10,000th digit down to the 1s digit as the animation comes to a stop.

Forgot to mention that enable accuracy is checked.


Can you pls mail me your project file ?


How can I add alphabets?

If I accident added one alphabet in one of the number then when I change that alphabet back to the number, the number is freeze at 0. How can I fix this?



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