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Well, there is something to it ;)

Great project bro :D

Hvala kolega ;)

Nice project,wish you many sales!

Thanks Sale! :bigsmile:

I brought this template and it is clean, there is nothing there rendered on the aftereffects software. Just a plain board with no information what so ever. I dont know how to apply the folders you sent with this , Thats why I purchsed prerendered, The tutorial is nice if I only had something to work with it would be even better Can you fix this. jameseverett591@aim.com

E-mail sent. If you’re still having trouble let me know. Cheers.

Great work and great tutorial. This is my second after effect projects so I’m dependant on the tutorials. However I cannot get audio on??? Its simply missing when rendered, Ive followed your tutorial and purchased the audio but it simply doesn’t play. even thou the downloaded purchased file is shown in the “audio file” folder, when clicked on and expanded, there is no waveform at all? please help… damien@gingagaming.com

Just replace the “empty sound file” with the one you bought. In the project list right click on the empty audio file and choose replace footage with and browse to the purchased audio. Everything should work afterwards :)

Thank you for the smart work. Since it may not understand, please help me. Epic Trailer obtained from you [Prerendered only].aep An error will be displayed if a file is opened, and six files cannot be found. How is it all right if it carries out?

I am a Japanese. I am sorry to be poor at English.

I just sent a new tutorial explaining how to make it work. Hope it helps and thank you for your patience :) If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Btw. Anyone else having issues with missing files can also ask for this quick tutorial and I’ll send it right over.

All the best, Farley

Thank you for the tutorial. It became helpful. You are really kind. Please let me ask one point. In what kind of reason is it understood although the color of a text cannot change from black white? What kind of work should I just recommend??

Email sent :)

Great work! Good luck with sales in future! :) All the best, Crian

Thank you, likewise :)

great work i think. that i want to know if i buy this template may i change colours? for example yellow to purple i mean. :)

Sure, everything is made in AE so you can change colors as you wish :)

Hello, I just purchased this and I am getting an error message that says that the .aep file is locked and I wouldn’t be able to save the changes. Please advise. efllc@hotmail.com. Thanks.

Mail sent, if you need further support let me know :)

That was really cool! Love the transitions! :D

Hey no problem! :D If you need more music, please check out my folio. There’s a bunch of tracks there I’m sure you could use. Here’s a sample collection: http://audiojungle.net/collections/4976490-action-music

Let me know if there’s anything there that you’d like to use. Thanks and more power! :D

Will do, thanks :)

That’s great to hear! :) I upload new music regularly so it would be awesome if you could follow me on AudioJungle if you haven’t already. Thanks again! :D

Great! Please visit my portfolio. I have a lot of epic music for your videos!

Thank you, I will :)