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Awesome work :)

welcome back UniqueFx.. Very nice logo reveal

- Trapcode Particular 2 plugin required Where to take them?

Particular is a commercial plugin,available at : http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/trapcode-particular/

ouuu .. $399

Get in touch with me through my profile.

Hi, do you have a version of this for Apple Motion?

Unfortunately no.

doesnt work with white background, looks terrible

I agree.Bokeh effects like this rarely work against a light background.

suggest mentioning that because I just wasted $12 on something I have no use for

Hi! Nice Work! Is it possible to change the range of different colors appearing in the background?

Thank you for your quick response! Yes, you’re right. – However i did not mean the background layer and the background colors: If i choose the color picker and select a single color, the animation automatically generates several other colors, so that the bubbles have similar colors but not the same. How can i make all bubbles have exactly the same filling-color?

I’m currently on my iPhone so i cant give you exact instructions,but you can change the randomness inside the “Ambient Particles” Composition.Locate the layers using Particular and in the settings there is a section called “Color Random”

Thank you! I found it! :)

You have to buy… a $400 program…to even be able to use your template? I ASSURE YOU PEOPLE it’s not worth the money for this file. Don’t most template makers make pre-renders? Idiot…

The template is intended for people who already own the plugin.Pre-rendering is an option,but you would lose some of the color control (Color Random) for instance and some of the particles are emitted from the users logo which cant be pre-rendered.

Thanks for the feedback.