Discussion on All Star JumboTron

Discussion on All Star JumboTron

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Very nice work!

Wow. Good work and lighting. :)

thank you!

thank you effects_art, I appreciate it!

I’m having trouble getting rid of a mask (or so I believe) behind the “Screen Logo Comp”. When that layer is disabled, a “background” is still visible. I need to get ride of this because it blocks a key part of the video. Can you please help me out with this? Thanks in advance.

Hi mabusagency,

Thank you for your purchase. The matte for that layer is built this way for the project, but I see what you want to do, you want to completely get rid of that background grid so you can fully see the big screen without the Screen_Logo_Comp right? Let me rerender that matte for you without that grid background. In the meatime, can you do me a favor and send me an email through my profile page so we can continue this conversation via email. Thank you, and I’m working on this for you.


Thanks so much for your prompt help on this. You were effective and efficient. I appreciate it!

You are very welcome, thank you!

so i can simply add video, image content to the sections with cs6 Ae? ill buy now if that all i need.

great, thanks that worked! I will email you if i have any other questions.

I would like to change the camera pan, do you have a tutorial on this. I’m doing a pop warener player highlight for over 20 players. I want to not have the same pan for every reload and change a few to be more cinematic. I’m also using another one of your files as well for the intro. great stuff by the way. I simply want to adjust the camer pan a little. thanks in advance! great support

This is a prerendered template. The camera cannot be moved. The background/sceen is a prerender.

How do I lengthen a scene?

Hi rayjay2. This template is a pre-rendered template. It cannot be extended. The length is set as is on this template.

Can you tell me how to get rid of the square advertising box on the main jumbotron screen? I’ve tried everything.

rayjay2…send me an email via my profile page on the bottom right…

I will send you a matte file to replace the current matte that is in the project to get rid of the advertising box

I am missing files in the mov and elements folder! Please help.

Nevermind. I redownloaded and all files appear! Thank you! Great project!!!!

Hi grelli. Make sure you extract the zip folder when you download it. Extract to self containing folder. Should open up fine. I find that some people, especially those on a Mac..forget to extract the folder and try to work within the zip file,..which will give you errors. So extract it out.

ah okay, great!