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Hello, I have a little problem. When I try to save a Preset in the Character Assistant plugin, I cannot find it within the Character Presets list. Any suggestions?

Hi. You probably work on Windows and skipped the first step from the plugin installation. In particular, you need to run After Effects with administrator rights, because After Effects does not have the right to save the file in the folder with the plugin.

I see. Thanks!

You are welcome!

I want to buy this toolkit for my own YouTube channel. Can i create unlimited videos for my youtube channel with Youtube partner program?

I make business educational and self improvement related videos on my channel. I don’t want to create a videos for any of my or others product or services. I am youtuber and i want to create a educational animated videos for my channel and want to make money by monetizing videos with youtube partner program.

So, should i create an unlimited videos for same one channel?

Hi. Please contact us via email for a more detailed discussion of licenses.

Hello, I have a license for this product, but my computer has been stole. I got a new PC, but when I try to use AinTrailer Tool, it says my license has been used in too many computers. How could I solve this? Can you help me please?

Hi. Please contact us via email for futher discussion.

I purchased this product, only version 1.3 has been downloaded. Where can I download version 2.0? I sent an inquiry to, but no reply. There is also no animation preset in the description. We wait for explanation of official.

Hi. Each customer always downloads the latest version of the product. It is physically impossible to download a previous version of the product. You are probably confused by the plugin version (1.3.5), which is different from the toolkit version (2.0). The plugin was developed specifically for version 2, so it has its own internal numbering.

As for the lack of presets, then again this is all inclusive and is in the plugin. You probably haven’t read the documentation yet and haven’t watched the video tutorials, as everything explains in detail how to use the plugin. We recommend that you read all the documentation for our product and see all the video tutorials, as this covers almost all the issues that may arise when working with our product. For example, this video tutorial on working with characters and a plugin

As for your request for email, there is no email from you, but there is a request through the contact form on the profile page. And this request is made an hour earlier than your comment. We try to respond quickly to customers, but we do not always have the opportunity to respond instantly to a customer if our time zones are different.

I’ve got a Question on frame rates different from 24fps: if I need the frame rate of my compositions to set to 30fps, can I just adjust that in your ready made comps like the one that’s called “00.Full HD” in male character? Are there any drawbacks when altering the frame rate?

Thanks for your answer. So using a 24fps character comp in a 25 or 30 fps comp just results in a slightly faster visual appearance of the character because 1 frame takes not 1/24th of a second but 1/30th of a second?

Yes, that’s right, but for the eye the difference will not be noticeable. At least on relatively short animations, you are unlikely to notice a difference even between 24 and 30 fps.

Thank you, great plugin!

Hi do you have any film set templates or can i build using some of the items you have? I can’t see any….

Hi. Please explain in more detail what you mean by the words “film set templates”.

a film set. Eg where you film people…There would be a director, camera crew boom mic, props etc…...

Thanks for the example. Unfortunately, we do not have such a set. But you can contact us via email and we will provide you with an archive with a preview of all the elements from our pack.

Hello, first thanks for you’r amazing works. But i’ve lot of problem and yes i’ve read all documentation.

Can you explain me why male charactere have 4 ears??? Impossible to change that. Next when i save preset (male charactere ) i choose mal instance i can choose my preset OK but i’ve 2 male charactere in same time it’s verry weird.

this 2 problem are very annoying so please can you give me feed back with fix maybe ? Thanks

Hi. Thank you for your feedback!

Based on the description of the problem, we can assume that you are using version CC 2019 and skipped the step from the documentation with setting the type of the expression engine.

Regarding presets, your description is not clear to us and we need more details with what exactly you have a problem with directly saving the preset or applying to the single character instance.

Please contact us via email for more productive communication. Here we cannot attach screenshots and our support here is less effective.

can i use this in CS5 on Mac?

im getting erroor that i cant use it in this version until upgraded and i cant upgrade on my current pc its on

Hi. Unfortunately, the version CS5 is not supported. Minimum supported version CS6. You can try using this on another computer or install a different version. Creative Cloud allows you to use all versions simultaneously. Or you can request a refund.

Hi in AE 2019 i am getting expression errors, i have already changed to legacy. I am not new to AE and still getting errors everywhere…..Have you tested on latest AE?

Hi. Yes, we test our product in each version, including CC 2019. The only setting for this version is to change the expression engine and it definitely works, since almost 80% of the latest users of our product use this version СС 2019.

Please contact us via email and provide either screenshots or a short video so that we can see the type of errors and also make sure that all settings are made.

Hi there, in the latest after effects there is an issue with the walk cycles. The arms are not being masked by the body…...please explain how this works? The arms are going in toward the crotch area and not behind

You can try changing the graph between the keyframes in the Graph Editor. This will allow you to get the necessary balance of speed, smoothness.

Also, I want to inform you that within two weeks we plan to release version 3.0, which will contain new characters. After that, we plan to release 3.1, which will contain completely redone animations based on user feedback, which we collected in 1.5 years.

Ok i will try that.

Ok just one thing, please make sure you can mirror the animations. A simple script option that flips the comp basically would do the trick. The animations need to be modular, so go from one animation then stop then onto another as in CC19 the markers and retiming and cropping thing is just confusing. Good luck guys///

Thanks for your good advice. Most likely we will not change the system with markers in version 3, since immediately after version 3 we will begin to develop version 4, where there will be an even more convenient principle for working with characters. We will put all the content in the panel, including working with characters, which will give new opportunities. We want to do this relatively quickly, so we will direct all efforts to implement all the features and logic in the new version 4.

I have one question on replacing the base elements in compositions. I know how to replace the items in the object-holders, but the base elements that appear in the beginning (for example in composition “22-startup” there’s this rocket) I can’t change or replace. I am not even able to locate the layer where this rocket is in! How are these base elements created and how can I find and alter them?

Hi. Please contact us via email and provide a screenshot with the project panel and composition. This will allow us to help you faster and more efficiently.

This wasn’t an issue of your collection, it was my fault: I just didn’t recognise that the layers of interest were hidden with the shy guy …

Hi! Tell me please, when you will release an update 3.0 with old characters? You told it will be early October.

Hi. We answered you through the heldesk system, but we will also duplicate the answer here. Unfortunately, version 3.0 release is delayed until mid-November. In general, the version is ready, but porting animations for new characters took longer than anticipated, as we added 3 new characters (3 * 260 = 780 animations).

We are also preparing to release our second product, which also affects the release time of AinTrailers v3.0. Both products will be released at approximately the same time.

which Computer spec work smooth with this kit @Ainforce

Hi. Recommended PC specs: Processor from 2.2Ghz, 16GB RAM, 2-4GB Video RAM, SSD.

After building a character animation, I would like to reduce the project by selecting the composition and then clicking File > Dependencies > Reduce Project. But once I’ve done that, the face (eyeballs, nose, mouth) of my character is gone. How can I reduce the project without losing these elements?

Hi. You need to use another option. File > Dependencies > Remove Unused Footage. This will only remove items that are not used.