AIDS HIV Awareness Day

AIDS HIV Awareness Day

Show your support with this Human Awareness Chain animation on the fight against Aids – HIV.
Suits best for December 1st – International World Aids Day & fight campaigns against HIV stigma and discriminations. (The red ribbon is the global symbol for solidarity with HIV-positive people and those living with AIDS).

12 clips available:

  1. “World Aids Day V1.mp4”(preview starts at 0:00’‘)
  2. “World Aids Day V2.mp4” (preview starts at 0:13’‘)
  3. “Stop Aids V1.mp4” (preview starts at 0:26’‘)
  4. “Stop Aids V2.mp4” (preview starts at 0:40’‘)
  5. “Aids Ribbon and Stop Hand – Men only – no titles.mp4 “(preview starts at 0:53’‘)
  6. “Aids Ribbon and Stop Hand – no titles.mp4” (preview starts at 1:06’‘)
  7. “Aids Ribbon – Men only V1.mp4” (preview starts at 1:19’‘)
  8. “Aids Ribbon – Men only V2.mp4” (preview starts at 1:33’‘)
  9. “Aids Ribbon – Men only V3.mp4” (preview starts at 1:46’‘)
  10. “Aids Ribbon V1.mp4” (preview starts at 1:59’‘)
  11. “Aids Ribbon V2.mp4” (preview starts at 2:13’‘)
  12. “Aids Ribbon V2.mp4” (preview starts at 2:26’‘)

• Awesome Musics by AmethistLab are not included: Magical Land Logo & Mystical Intro Logo.

Want to add your own Logo, ribbon or text in the human chain?

Here is a customizable similar After Effects project: Awareness Campaigns Intro

Similar “BREAST & GENERAL CANCER” motion graphics file: CANCER Awareness

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