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Fantastic work my friend!!! ;)

Thank you my friend. Good luck.

awesome project… :)

Thank you a lot.

Thank`s mate.

Wonderful work! :-)

I am glad that you liked it. Thank`s.

Thank`s Madli.

Very good and professional work i like it very very much ! :) good luck with this awesome item :)

Thank you mate.

Very Great job good luck with sales

Thanks a lot.

Can you remove the house? and insert images 3?

Sorry, house is not removable. Only possibility is to map some image instead of words.

Would it be possible that the video could be sped up to be 30 seconds or would it not look good?

You can speed up video a bit, and I can not garantee for the look. If you want contact me from my profile page and I will send you faster video preview later.

Beautiful work! You could’ve worked more on the ending though. Only thing stopping me from buying it.

I`ll probably do some update when I catch some more time. Thank`s for the feedback.

Hi, I bought it for the pretty 3d render .. can you send me the 3d files or even the 3d model so I can manipulate them to fit my needs more efficiency ?? thanks,

Hi there and thank you for buying my template. Can you contact me via e-mail form from my profile page.

Original 3D files are built inside Cinema 4D, can you be more specific wich 3D format do you need?

Let`s continue discussion via e-mail.


thats format is exactly what I need … if you send me the project file It will be great … ante rigged project will be awesome :)

great job man keep it up

Hi there, on the verge of buying and just wondered if it was possible to change the words the house is made from? Like ‘real estate, office, accommodation’ and so on. Thanks very much :)

Hi there.

Sure, you can change all the words and it`s quite easy. Video guide is included, but if you run into any kind of problems I can help you on Monday, since I am not in my office atm.

Thank You, Alen.