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very professional! and nice colors

Thanks Romlam!

Very good work!

Thanks bud :)

stylish, professionally

Thanks Vornik

stylish, professionally

Cheers ReneeStudio! :)

A good idea. Beautiful project. Good luck.

Cheers Slava, appreciate it.

Great worK!

Thank you!

Excellent work!

Thanks XLsound.

Absolutely love this template Papacuppa even made it CS6 for me – Great Support thanks sooooo much!

Pleasure! :)

Really nice ;) Wish you many sales my friend! ;)

Thanks byDimas, appreciated!

Is there anyway we can have the audio from the beginning minus the Envato?

Hi Everywaydesign!

I assume you mean the Envato logo in the intro sequence? If so, please watch this quick tutorial I created on changing placeholders – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrQw9hXXuzs

If you mean the Envato watermark in the audio track (http://audiojungle.net/item/determination/6832052), that is a separate purchase on the Envato marketplace.

If I misunderstood, let me know!

Other than that, happy holidays. :)

Regards, Dave

Hi I dont have trapcode… will it change much if I still want to buy?

Any other problems, get in touch with me over at my website, 3dmybusiness.com / contact@3dmybusiness.com

Worked perfectly! Love the template

Good to hear! :)

This is a great looking professional design. Not as “childish” as other explainer kits. Question: it says item “may not be property released”—are there elements that are owned or have copyright held by others?

Also—I assume all colors of icons/elements can be adjusted as desired?


Hey VideoCombustion,

Thanks for the compliment. :)

Knowing how strict VH are about licensing, I was extra careful when creating this template. Specifically, that’s the icons and photos you see in the promo video. Everything else is either created by me or can’t be licensed.

The project has a dedicated ‘licenses’ folder which goes into a little more detail than here, but to keep it brief:

1. FontAwesome icons

CC Attribution 3.0 Unported license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

These clean icons are quite popular on the web exactly because the licensing is so lenient. One condition is that the creator receives attribution, which is very fair. (These are really popular in Themeforest themes!)

2. Pixabay.com photos

CC 0 license: https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/deed.en

This website is a community-driven photo uploading platform. It’s set apart by the agreement to waive copyright upon upload. (This is actually one of my favourite sites!)

Let me know if you have any other questions as I know licensing can’t be a thorny issue. :)


Great. Thanks for the detailed response.

No probs! Sorry, yes, icons/elements can be edited as much or as little as you need. Some of the video tutorials walk through how best to use/edit the elements.

I’m getting an error opening the file. “After Effects error: File “w-large-dust-heavy.mov” cannot be opened, it may be an unsupported format. (86 :: 1)”

It happens on multiple .mov files in the project.

I have the latest QT installed so not sure what the issue is?

Ok VC, sorry for the trouble.

I’m uploading all the Atmosphere sequences to DropBox right now. It might take a little while I’m afraid, my internet is a bit slow where I am.

If you could send me a request email to contact@3dmybusiness.com, I’ll send you the link when it’s ready.

Can I ask what software you use to unzip?

Thanks, Dave

Thanks. Email sent. I used 7-Zip.

Replied! I’ll look into this more tomorrow but I might reupload the entire project, just to be safe.


can the some of the scenes be made longer or shorter in terms of duration?

need help making some scenes longer. will need to display a hefty amount of text, and need the scene to be long enough for people to actually read the text.

Hi Animedrac,

[See included DropBox project for below instructions]

The simplest way to extend the video is to use time remapping on the top-level composition, where you have the ability to slow down the entire video, or just specific portions with keyframes. You can pre comp the entire top level by selecting all layers in the top comp [RENDER], right clicking and selecting pre comp. Then right clicking the new precomposed layer created, selecting Time > Enable Time Remapping.

You’ll see 2 keyframes appear, one at either end of your layer [currently 21 seconds long]. To extend the video by making it slower/easier to read, hit CMD/CTRL + K for composition settings, and extend the length of your video – e.g. 42 seconds to double the length of your video. Open out the timeline view and drag the second keyframe to the end, as well as extending the layer which finishes at 21 seconds still. This may not be the optimum speed for you, but it’s the workflow you can work with. Add additional keyframes for more granular control. [There are many YT tutorials that go into great depth about time remapping].

See DropBox file for example [import into your downloaded folder alongside other launch files]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2idhxq88jbwfhji/timeremapped_example_CC.aep.zip?dl=0

This also allows you to add more text to text pre comps and shrink/enlarge the text as needed. [See ‘Add Assets to Scene’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMGNB_o8Z0w&list=PLf6Rb-fKEql2CdR6Bt1GtKUgHCMVAkVu0&index=4

Alternatively, you can duplicate the same scenes in the project panel [CMD/CTRL+D on scene comps] and place them one after the other in your timeline. [See ‘Rearranging/Adding scenes’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRptZPhigQc&list=PLf6Rb-fKEql2CdR6Bt1GtKUgHCMVAkVu0&index=3]

Hope that helps! :)


Hi Animedrac,

Hope that helped. I’m taking the DropBox link down as I imagine you’ve accessed it by now.

Best, Dave

It’s a worthy job, I wish a lot of good customers and excellent sales!

Hi Papacuppa!

I purchased and downloaded this project; when opened it has hundreds of missing items (.png, .eps, .ai, etc). Did I forget to do something?


No worries, we’ll get to the bottom of this!

I’ve just downloaded the same file from VideoHive and can find the icon you mentioned at the following path:

advanced-text-explainer-video-toolkit > LIBRARY > MEDIA (YELLOW) > ICONS > adjust.4.eps

Please see if you can follow that path. If the files aren’t there, I’d recommend a couple of things:

1. Try Right Click > Extract All Here (or other options that you haven’t yet tried).

2. If that doesn’t work, try downloading another piece of free unzipping software, perhaps Winzip for Windows, or Archive Utility for Mac (which I just used and confirmed works).

Let me know how you get on!

Kind regards, Dave

Hi Dave!

Huzzah! That did it, I just needed to re-extract it all. I probably bumped a hotkey that stopped the process the first time around :-) Derp on me. Thank you so much for the fast response time and your help!!

Problem SOLVED! :-D

Pleasure! :)

Super project! ;) I wish further promotion and more sales! :)