3D Logo Maker

3D Logo Maker

Adaptive – Elegant 3D Logo Reveal Creator

Create your stunning 3D logo Reveal, with “Adaptive – Logo Reveal Creator”. It adapts to your style and imagination using a simple, yet full featured control panel.

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Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Features

14 Creative Styles

“What if I don’t want to use the control panel to customize my template?”

If you don’t want to spend time customizing your logo reveal, we’ve included 14 stunning preset styles, just select your style, import your logo and hit render! Cannot be faster and easier!

“Do I need to have any knowledge of After Effects to use this template?”

You do not require any knowledge of the software to use this template. We’ve included an easy to understand tutorial video which will guide you through every single step! Apart from this, the template is extremely easy to use and customize. See the tutorial video in the link above and see what you’ll get before you buy!

Main Features:

  • Easy to use and completely flexible control panel. Change every little detail and every parameter, from colours, logo thickness, softness, height, to reflectivity and specular details.
  • 14 creative styles included – use included styles and don’t waste a second on customization, just import your logo and you’re done! Or use them as a starting point to your customization.
  • Completely easy to customize.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Easy to follow video tutorial included (click on the link above to check it out).

Control Panel Features:

  • Depth Control – Control the height of your logo, and select between a 3D logo or cut logo in ground.
  • Border Control – Control the thickness and softness of the logo border edges.
  • Logo Color Control – Control Colour parameters of the logo.
  • Specular Control – Control the material of the logo (make it shiny, glossy, matte and even more with just a few clicks).
  • Liquid Control – Add liquid to your logo and modify its transparency.
  • Led Panel Control – Add background leds or create your ground lava effect.
  • Slogan Control – Control the look and position of your slogan.
  • Background Control – Control background colour, shadows, light dispersion and more.
  • Specifications:

    • Compatible with After Effects CS4 and above.
    • 100% built in after effects.
    • No plugins needed.
    • Full HD resolution 1080p, HD (720p) output comp is also included.
    • Short Version duration: 11 seconds.
    • Long Version duration: 21 seconds.
    • Fast rendering (short version renders in less then an hour on an i7 8gb ram pc).

    Screenshots and examples:

    Infinite possibilities banner 2

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 01

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 02

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 03

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 04

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 05

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 06

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 07

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 08

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 09

    Adaptive Elegant 3d Logo - Example 10


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