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very nice work ! :)

thank you my friend :-D

Awesome trailer, dude!

Thank You Very much nitrozme

Thank You ????

StefanoMusella, awesome job! Good luck!

Thank You Very much :-D

Thank You, Thank You

Such a great action trailer! :)

Awesome work….Creative and Perfect!

Very cool and exciting! :D I really like the timing with the music, expertly done!

thank you very much :-D

No prob! :D If ever you need more music, you can check out my tracks. I’m pretty sure you’ll something interesting in there to use, like this one:

Let me know if you decide to use any of them, thanks and good luck! :D

does anyone tried it with CS6?... to me it does not work… though i opened the cs6-version i get an error…

Hi, write me a private mail I will be happy to help. what error you have?

i am having the same issue @stefanomusella i have cs6 and have tried it with the original AE and the cs6 version both files, and am still getting a “this file was created in adobe 13.2 and cannot be opened with this version notice” –

Hi, hiphopguy, i have updated my file Last week, in this Project there are two ae Files. Ae cc and Ae c6 this one is The version correct for you. If you have any problem again send me a mail and i Can help you

It is very strange you should have downloaded the correct version

Hi I just bought the project but the text its not working, i have the plugins installed, what can i do ?

wich version you have?

Nice project! I wish you great sales and positive mood! ;)