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Thank you so much WebRa :D

This is Powerful friends! :)

Thank you so much yeremia ! :D

looks outstanding. really cinematic. great job dude!

Thank you so much freddiehangoler :)


I never worked before with after effects. I have cs5. At the beginning AE said me that can not use (its destroyed or not supported, AE said). And which file at the end I must render? Coz always comes that can not render file “complete”...

I am fool in this, maybe know what´s wrong?

Nice regards and thank you.

Oh sorry… I just got no Quick Time…. :)

So thanks for cool work!

Nice regards!

I’m glad you solved it yourself :) Thank you so much for purchasing ;) If you need something else, feel free to contact me again :)

Amazing Project

Thank you man :D

I’m having some problems with using the .mov files in after effects. Is there a certain codec I need to import the .mov files?

nevermind, i updated my codecs and now its working.

I actually have a question about extending the time the titles are shown by like 1 or two seconds. Im somewhat of a novice with adobe after effects and could use a pointer if you have time.

Really exciting work! The timing with the music is awesome! :D

Thank you mate ;)

No problemo! :D Hey if you need more awesome cinematic music, you can check out my tracks. I have a bunch of music I think you will like, this one for instance:

If you decide to use anything, please let me know. :D Good luck and more power!

Thank you, we will take a look to it ;)