Accordion Folding Effect

Accordion Folding Effect

What is this?
- This project provides a simple way for creating accordion-like folding transitions.

  • Animate the position of the central fold
  • Add some Non-Linearity to your folding
  • Change the stripes count in a few clicks
  • Animate the stripes scale
  • Change the colors

Please NOTE:
– The video preview is only the preview, based on this project. This project is not a complete slideshow, it only provides you with mechanics to create accordion-like folding. But the project file itself contains several ready-to-use animated presets, you have seen in the preview. I’ve also added the composition used to make the preview video.

– You can watch the video tutorial before buying this project for better understanding it:

- This project was made at resolution 1280×720, but you can simply adapt it to any resolution by changing the resolution of Paper_Image and Paper_Mech comps.

AE versions:
- The project was tested on AE CS 5.5, CS 6 and CC.

- The track “I Love Italy” by is not included in this project, but feel free to visit the author’s page, if you like this composition.

Support and feature requests:
- If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or via e-mail form in my profile. The same thing you can do if you have any ideas of making this preset nicer and handier for you. I appreciate any kind of feedback. Please, feel free to comment my project, rate it, make feature requests and so on.