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Gorgeous! Great work!

Bought it…Awesome work…Keep the same concept and u’ll do great!!...

Thanks man! I will try as long as I make cinematic themed work ;)

Wanted to stop in and thank you for this project. I’m going to use it as the starting foundation for my production company’s opener.

Amazing to hear such thing :) I wish you many luck with your busines.

Thank you for choosing this work.

In my mind… many things to say but i can’t explain in words, this is what i search for years and now… now… i can start my project with no more time to lose…

... I give to you “profuse” Thank You!

amazing to be able to help you out with my graphics :)

Hi, If I want to remove the smaller planets and just leave the one spherical large planet in the middle, is that possible in your AE files? Thanks! Mac

Yes it is pretty easy, I can help you with that.

sorry for sounding like a noob, but you say “no plugins required” and when I open the project in CS4 it’s missing 19:

CC Sphere, CC Radial Fast blur…

can I download these somewhere? any help is greatly appreciated


Thank you for your comments and patience but Cycore Effects are always included with a purchased CS4 and any above After Effects and are installed automatically since cs4 version.

Cycore effects are not counted as external plugins as they are by default coupled with any purchase of After Effects.

Please read the last comment :)

no problem Cyzer, got it rebuilt in CS3 thank you for your patience with noobs! :]

best regards

No need of self inflicted insults ;)) we all are learning. Glad to help you!