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Looks awesome dude !

Very pleasant project, Nicholas…Thanks for using of my music!:)

Beautiful and stylish work. :)

Sa moara Bibi de nu-i asta unul din cele mai tari proiecte de p’aci ! Esti tare ba Nicule :) !

Thank you all. Multumesc. plastic3, your music is very cool.

wow! I loved it. It is simply a pro project. Bookmarked!

One of the best pieces I’ve ever seen on videohive! Good job!

Very original idea man. I like it a lot. Hope it sells :)

If this is not fresh than my skin blue! Foarte tare! Esti un motion graphic designer foarte foarte talentat!!! Jos palaria :-)

What for a hogwash I have paid and I have not shown the reference to downloading that in vain has spent money? Managers will solve a problem!!!

Thanks I will wait!

Here nobody will help similar me

Did you wrote to the support site?

Yes has written it is useless. Are silent.

Try and write in the forum, where everyone will see.

Yes this project is already unnecessary me. More time I will spend for error finding-out. Better itself in the same style I will make:D

good job mate.

I see an X on the middle of the screen why is that? 2 diagonal lines making an x across the scree

Hello. Did you recieve any messages about missing effects?