Discussion on 9 Modern Glitch Titles

Discussion on 9 Modern Glitch Titles

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These look AWESOME!$ Is there any kind of video showing how it works in the backend (also def concerned those now reply from you here in 5 months AndBor)

Cool project! However My main reason for buying it was to look into how you made the extrude effect on the characters like it does spelling “Project” at 07:00-08:00 in the video. However this does not appear in the after effects project? I’m on a mac, so I have helvetica by default, but noticed a warning when opening the AE project, that you have used another Helvetica. Can you help me out here?

Sorry.. I’m an idiot for not watching the tutorial first…

Hi. I bought your product, and I’m having trouble opening it. Says the layers did not find the helvetica font. I have already downloaded and installed several helvetica fonts but it did not solve the problem. How to proceed?

Did you install exactly “Ultra Light” and “Thin”?

Yes. Exactly!

in my AE these fonts seen as in this file do u have the same?

hi, can i use images instead of text?

Sure, allow me to elaborate. As far as I understand you manually type in the text through your keyboard and apply the effects to the text right? And then the text in glitched :) So my question is, instead of typing in the text, can I use image of a logo for example, etc to achieve the same effect. Thanks, I appreciate your time and reply.

Hi,no, for each character there are several animations, you put them manually. Use this project for a logo or picture will be problematic.

Hey, hope this helps out for those who have trouble with font replacement :)

can use my font?

Hi, 1st version (with Typeface) -not, 2nd version (without Typeface) -yes, See description.

How Can I use another fonts or Small caps fonts.

Is there a specific Helvetica fonts I should get? I’m trying to find the correct one but there are so many versions and they still end up missing when I open AE. :cry:

Beautiful project by the way, I’m excited to get it working for me!

Question before buy. Can I change the text of the motion, let me know, thanks a lot.

Hello! This project is rad, super cool text effects : )

Like other users I have the Helvetica font issue…

There are too many versions of the font around. In my case, all my installed versions weren’t recognized by your project.

I solved the problem using this script:

I’m lucky because my client paid for it…otherwise, without the script, I would have had to change every single text layer on the AE project…a total pain in the ass…

I still have one last issue: I can’t find the BONUS COMPS you are talking about in the tutorial video. Where I can find them?



Hello, Thanks for the feedback I will take into account this. I’m sorry for the long answer was on vacation. Bonus comps in the second version I deleted. So I thought that these are not the most successful examples.

Very worthy work! it will bring you a lot of sales !!! Good luck !!

Could You give me a hint how can i export it without background? I click to disable background, export as mov/animation with RGB+alpha and still have a background :/

Sorry for the long answer, the question is still relevant?if so, send me a screenshot at

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!

Not working at all on AE 2018… It simply crashes. Never saw that ! I wasted my money, how do i get a refund ?

Hello, can you send me a screenshot on This project has more than 800 sales and I encounter this problem for the first time.Regarding refund, apply for envato support.

Hmmm… I talked too fast. It finally worked on the second try. The first time I tried to open the project, AE said it had to convert it from a former windows format to a recent Mac file type. But it crashed… And I’m not used to that as it happens less than twice a year.

So I guess I Owe you an apology, AndBor, it works and I did not waste my money.

Have a nice day !

Any chance for a 4k resolution update?

Hi! I love these text effect but I’ve got AF CC2017 and CC 2018. Does this glitch effect work there too or I need AF CC2015? Let me know and great job!

Hi,thanks.Yes it work in any version beginning with CS5. You can also see my new project in the same style,link at the end of the description of this project.