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Welcome back my friend, lovely animation :)

All the best.

You did a great job with this video! Congrats!

Thanks again fellas!! you are awesome :)

Is there any prerenders?

Hi, the stars background is a flat png but everything else was created using after effects tools. Regards


It’s always a pleasure to watch your works! This is another wonderful template my friend :)

This projects is 100% Awesome! Not only the great graphics and design but also the AE Project runs very smoothly ,the render is ridiculously fast and the customization seems to be prepared by a Teacher for his student!

This author is a real professional, I am glad I bought the project.

Hope you many sales =)

Gracias chicos!! este es lejos el comentario más lindo que recibí desde que vendo en videohive. Un abrazo!

Estas muy elevado! Felicitaciones

great coloring and spirit of 80s, well done!

You can feel the 80’s straight from the beginning. Great peace of Work !

EY amigo. UN proyecto nuevo tuyo y se me pasó desapercibido. Menos mal que te sigo a menudo…. Que te voy a decir maestro!! Eres el rey!! Menudo estilo 80 que te has marcado!!! Un abrazo

A new project from the master. You are the king! Great 80´s style. A hug

Gracias amigo, eres demasiado bueno conmigo :) un abrazo!!

This is how the project looks like edited by a newbie!


Awesome guys!!! thanks for sharing, it’s great to see our work out in the wild :)

Awesome work man! :)

That’s the Stuff!

Just had a question regarding the triangle motif. I wanted to edit some of the triangles to make them look like squares or circles would that be an easy customization.

Hi, you could pull it off but you need to know how to use the software, some of the shapes are animated using keyframed masks and to change them it’s not a drag and drop task. Regards

What is the name of the font used in you promo. It doesn’t seem to be the same one as the project.

Hi, thanks for your purchase! if you don’t have the font installed AE will replace it automatically. These are the fonts used in the template http://www.fontspace.com/freaky-fonts/arkanoid http://www.dafont.com/es/bebas-neue.font http://www.dafont.com/es/neon-80s.font


Thanks for you purchase! if you need anything send me a message through my profile page. Cheers!

Awesome work. I am about to purchase, but just a couple questions.. How difficult will it be to manipulate the animation as far as timing and speed go? Like, will I be able to stay at the end of one slide for a few seconds before the next starts? Or slow the animation down completely? The project I will be using it for, the song is a bit slower than this so I may need to tweak it a little.

I am experienced w AE and understand key frames & whatnot.

Some of the MOV files would not load into After Effects?After Effects running on Windows 10 says “the MOV file is damaged or unsupported”

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Do you have Quicktime installed on your system? Regards

ok, that fixed it thanks

That’s great! have a nice day my friend

Wow, i love this opener! Amazing music and animation! Very good job!