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Very usefull work!! Good luck :)

Excellent project! well done!

porfect project

very nice project ! :)

A good stuff!

Hi, i get an error, that the class “Effect” has no property named “Slider”.

Error in row 1. Komp.: “fall – 5×3” Layer: 8 (‘source’) Property: “Opacity”

I use AE CS5.5

How can i fix this?

Hi, please send me an email via my profile page

Great Support, thanks for fixing.

how can i fix the error class “Effect” has no property named “Slider”.

i need the project that i bought, in order to do that get a way to fix it now!


Hello, please contact me via my profile page.

Thank you :)

Very good! Thank you. Regards.

Thank you for purchasing ccmax!

But i have an issue now, when i create a new Solid inside any comp like rotate left – 4×5 , an error message pops up.

And even if i delete the new solid, the animation becomes 2D. No more 3D effect and i have to redo the job.

Any tips to avoid or fix this issue?

You shouldn’t creating any layer in these compositions. Use only composition “source”. Here you can import media or create solid.

If you have errors, delete all 77 transitions and just import the transitions again to your project as is mentioned in tutorial.

Ok thanks, so we can’t create layers in these comps. Got it.

Thanks for the quick answer. Have a good one.

Yes. As you can see on this image https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77433589/Preview%20Images%20-%2077%20Tile%20Transitions%20Pack/Item%20screenshot.jpg you can import all your media to comp “source”

I appreciate!

Your animations are very organic. I wish you more sales ;)

Thank you :-)