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Great work, dude! :) Love the soundtrack you used in this one…

Dan, thanks!

Super work, man!!! Uspehov!


Very very good gob man! all the best for you

Thank you

Hi there, I just downloaded 5 infographics elements but I am having trouble opening it. My Mac is asking me to choose an APP – which one should I use? How does it work exactly? It looks like a great product. Thanks

Hello! Sometimes, if you have more than one version after effe?ts you can see the message with the choice of the appropriate version. This project is made in version CS 5.5 and will be opened in version CS 5.5 and all versions released later.

Thank you for your purchase. If you have any questions, you can always contact me through the contact form on my profile page.

Krutie proekti!:)

considered constructor!

ive download this. do you have any tutorial how to remove this pillar.

hello, yes you can remove pillars in this infographic. First press button “hide layers” and second disable pillars layers.

Unique project! I wish you good sales! ;)