4K NextGen Resizable Statistics Charts & Infographics Pack Four

4K NextGen Resizable Statistics Charts & Infographics Pack Four

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This after effects CS 5.0 (and higher) package comes with fully automated (and resizable) 4K infographics charts, 20+ combinable infographics charting utilities, 12 preconfigured charts and also infographics displays and options. You are able to customize (through one-click controls) all the main settings of each included chart (width, height, size, number of values, colors, grids, units, unit symbols and more). Thanks to the modular and combinable structure of this pack, you are able to create unique charts in minutes.

All the included charts come with full customization one-click controls:
  • Define Chart’s Width and Height or Size (Circles Charts),
  • Define Y Axis Minimum and Maximum values,
  • Chart’s Colors Controls,
  • Selectable Animation Type,
  • Animation Duration Control,
  • Customize Grids, Lines and Bars,
  • Selectable Thousands Separator,
  • Define Digits Number and Decimal separator,
  • One-click Editable Unit Symbol,
  • One-click Unit Symbol Position (prefix/suffix),
  • Texts and Background Colors.
  • and more…

Included very detailed pdf help files.
These 4K resolution (resizable) statistics charts (expression driven) will allow you to boost your productivity. They are highly flexible, modular and customizable templates. You can easily combine several included charts templates into an unique project.

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