Discussion on 540 Animated Icons

Discussion on 540 Animated Icons

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The icons are great. The only issue with them is you can only browse them through After Effects. No nice icons pdf chart to do a quick scan. i waste a lot of time having to go back through them over and over and over and over and over again.


chakru Purchased

Your tool is really helpful and super cool. All the icons are super lite when imported through the tool, makes my work way faster. Thank you

Thank you for your review. It’s fulfilling to hear that is this package useful. :)

Hi..Maybe a stupid question.. I installed and am getting an AE alert box with 6 * and then a blank panel, when I try to open. I assume I need to enter a purchase code? where??

Hello. After unzipping the downloaded folder you need to place the “Easy Preview Panel.jsxbin” file and “Preview_Panel_Assets” folder to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels. No purchase code needed, it should work automatically when you open After effects > Window > Easy Preview Panel. Thank you or your purchase and please let me know if you have any issues in the process.

This is the exxpressions error I keep getting. if (n > 0){ v = velocityAtTime(key(n).time – thisComp.frameDuration/10); value + vampMath.sin(freqt2*Math.PI)/Math.exp(decayt); }else{value} It’s telling me Reference Error Vamp is NOT defined

Yes, please select Legacy ExtendScript.

Thank you very much. You’re really talented, by the way. This pack is impressive. Thanks again!

Thank you, happy it worked :)

I love this pack but I am getting expressions errors

Thank you for considering my advice a year back and updating the icons. To show my support, I purchased the pack. :) Goodluck with more sales

That’s really nice, thank you :)

Hi, there are three icons that is causing my after effects to crash. Those are 1. Ecofriendly 2. Internet and 3. Internet security .. not sure if it is a coincidence that all these icons use a globe. May be that is the one causing the after effects to crash.

I am using After effects 17.7.0 version and using iMac 5k 2016, running Big Sur OS.

Other icons are top notch.

Thank you

Hi, really sorry about that. I tried to reproduce the error but on my machine all 3 worked fine. Not sure what is causing the problem, maybe tomorrow we can make a call and show me the error in real time.

Hi im working on this file now but having trouble. When i export the individual files to media encoder they are coming out at 3MB plus files which is too big for our application and even though im selecting transparent background its no showing anything in the preview? Is there something im missing?

Hi, the file size it depends on the format you are exporting and the icon dimensions and also the video length. What format / dimension and video length do yo need for the application? I can help to export if you need help

Hi, im trying to export as animated GIFs but they are coming out at 3MB which is unusable in a website/application. Do you have a PM or a support desk i can continue discussion on so i can get more help? thanks

hi, please send me an email to so we can continue there

Really beautiful animated icons pack. I guess you should update it with no more cool icons and you will definitely make more sales.

hi :) that is a really good suggestion, thank u. i’m working now on a smaller project but after that i will update the icons. it is the perfect time for that :)

Los gifs animados se crean con fondo negro a pesar de que yo la precomposición la defino con fondo blanco y además así se ve en el AE, y no puedo cambiarlo. ¿Podría ayudarme? Gracias.

Yes Please send me video how can i do this.Is there any software requirements to do this.

you will need after effects and photoshop to do this. you can install them as trial for free if you don’t have in your pc. so here is the video >> >> // hope this will be helpful and if you have any questions i’m here ;) have a nice day :D

I was purchased 400 Animated Icon pack yesterday. I think i can use it directly as showing in video. But when i download it it is coming in AI format. Please let me know how can i use them on my website and could you provide me icons in Gif format?

Yes Please send me video how can i do this.Is there any software requirements to do this.

you will need after effects and photoshop to do this. you can install them as trial for free if you don’t have in your pc. so here is the video >> >> // hope this will be helpful and if you have any questions i’m here ;) have a nice day :D

Thank You. It works.

Hello, I just purchased your Flat & Minimal Icon Generator, I posted this comment there but I don’t think you use that account anymore, so I’m hoping to reach you you over here.

I love the product and I’m excited to use it. I followed the instructions, however when I open it in PS I don’t see any of the additional shapesor fx. I only have the first demo icon. I’ve downloaded it twice. The files I have in this folder are: Save_me_png (folder that contains save_me_png actions and save_me_png PSD) 10_bonus (fx file) 100_fx (fx file) bonus_shapes (csh file) edit (PSD file) help_file (jpg file)

I think there’s some files missing. Please help.

hello there! i sent an email to you yesterday not sure what happened …i sent it again few minutes ago please let me know if arrives. thanks.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I followed your instructions and IT WORKS BRILLIANTLY! I am new to Photoshop, your indepth step-by-step was perfect. I am now addicted, I keep experimenting with color combinations.

I have also imported my own icons by making them “smart objects” saving the FX settings on your icons, then applying those settings to my icons. The possibilities are endless for me now. I can’t wait to purchase your animated icon pack.

You are truly talented. My experiences with authors has been mixed, some post their products and just leave the customers to at a lost. You are A+.

Hi, I have a presales question. Do these icons have ease out animation or just ease in? I need the ease in animation and an ease out for my animation. Thank you.

Hello there! ;) This icon pack having just ease in (appearing icons from 0 and after loop for infinite)animations …. but it’s really easy to ease out the icons the same way they was build…you can time reverse the composition layer with the icon and you have the ease out animation ;) hope i was helpful…thank you and have a nice day :)

How do you scale the icons up?

hello there and thank you for your purchase! :D i recorded a video to show you how to scale >> please let me know if you have any other question! ;)

Ok, I understand, thank you!

Does this include the illustrator files or just the after effects files?

hello there! sorry for the delay. 300 of them have the ai files and the updates is made with shape layers directly in after effects.

How do I edit any of the animations? I open the icon comp but I don’t see anything to edit. I must be missing something here.

Nevermind, I see all the layers are hidden. Fixed.

Hi there, Other than the Help File mp4 do you have a tutorial on how to use this package?

Thanks! Val

I figured it out! Thanks so much for the help. :)

Hi again!

I’m trying to use 6. Database in Technology Icons and AE and I noticed that the assets ( is not compatible because this file was created with a “newer version of Ai”, whereas all the other assets are working for me… am I doing something wrong or is there a way I could get the asset for that icon in a older version of Ai?


By the way, I’m using CS5 version if that helps… I noticed that suddenly a lot of assets are failing on me now. Now sure what to do…

The puzzle piece under business # 19 does not re-size correctly. There’s some kind of overlay issue. I’m rendering my project in 4K so it has to be like 50X bigger than the original file which becomes quite an issue. Yes I am clicking the continuously rastersize button to make it nice and sharp but that’s when I see the white outline overlay problem. Hopefully you can easily replicate the problem and fix it for the next update.

I’m still waiting for a response on this. I’ve now found quite a few non scale-able icons that are CRITICAL to my project and are the reason I bought this pack. Please fix for the update and a response would be really great too so I know you’ve heard and understand the issue. Thank you!!

Hello there! I’m not sure if i understand correctly your issue. I made a new comp (4000px * 4000px) and resized the icon your mentioned (puzzle) and for me all works fine. Link >>

Thank you so much for the reply. I may have found a workaround solution. When doing exactly what you did with a new comp, for whatever reason, it works fine. But when dropping that icon directly into the comp I’m working on, that’s when I have the problems shown in the first part of this video from 0:00 to 0:05. So my workaround is to resize the icon in a new comp, then drop that comp into the 4k comp I’m working on. That result is from 0:06 to the end.

If you understand what’s going on or have a better solution I’m all ears. If not for me, then maybe for others who end up with the same problem. BTW I’m on AE CS6.

Again, your help is truly appreciated.

is there a way to export this animations to a gif file? so we can keep the animations as an image

Hello, You can export them as quicktime format with alpha bg and after that import them in photoshop and from there export as gif files..i don’t know if there an easiest way to do…maybe this tutorial can be helpful >>

Looks great from the preview and looking forward to using but cant seem to open in CS5 (10.0), error advising only available in 10.5 – CS5.5 and above.Sorry to put pressure on but I’m running on a super tight deadline, can you advise if/when this will be available for CS5. Cheers

Thank you for your purchase! I just updated the project with the CS.5 version and now i waiting for the reviewer approval. So you can download it in a few hours the CS.5 version. Kind regards, Renata


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