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Cool! What are the limitations in the PP version compared to AE version?

Thank you! In a few composition the effect area​​ is attached to the masks, so will not be available for editing in individual cases with unforeseen text sizes. All other settings were added to Essential Graphics for detailed settings of each composition!

Thanks for the update! :)

How do you modify the font type?

This possibility is available with After Effects version of this project.


Great work guys. Rly amazing emotions from watch!

Glad to hear! Thanks!

Amazing work.. Good luck..

hi! this looks great. Question: is it possible to change font to any system fonts on my machine? Or is this not yet possible due to Premier limitations?

Sweet. This package is on my buy list. Please let me know when it’s released. :)

Hi again! Just wanna let you know that pack is already updated! Enjoy new titles, backgrounds and font change option!

Great! Thanks for the heads up.:)


I_M_P Purchased

Great looking designs! Question: Do they have transparant backgrounds? And how does the single use rule work with these kinds of packs? Can you only use one of the titles?

Hello! Yes, they all on transparent backgrounds, so you could add them on any footage. Pack in this case is just a set of different titles so you could choose those you like more! Use any of titles as independent one, or combine them if you want!


I_M_P Purchased

Thanks a lot for the quick reply! So just to be sure (I dont wanna get in trouble haha): If I buy the pack and use a title on my Youtube video, I’d have to buy again to use one of the titles on a next video?

There are 2 types of licenses you can buy a project with. As we understood you just need to make a Regular License purchase of this project and use it for your videos. But please read FAQ below regarding your situation to make sure!

FAQ about licenses: Learn more:

HI! Is there a way for 55 Extrude to have the second line not upsidedown?

Please write us e-mail and we will help you to do that!

HI. Just sent you an email. Thanks!