3D Screens App Promo

3D Screens App Promo

I present my new After Effects template 3D Screens App Promo, is an ideal product to promote with clean and elegant style your App, mobile UI design, responsive web design, etc. You can edit everything, this is a 100% After Effects file. This project is organized by 13 scenes. You just have to put your screens and you can easily edit the animation of these, because you have separately animation of each screen according to the scenes. Besides, you have 24 placeholders screens. Also you can make many scenes you want, change camera angles, lights, shadows … as everything is editable! It is a modular project, you can change the order of the scenes because the animation screens are arranged in each scene. I hope you like and find it useful.


Main features:

  • Made with After Effects CS4. Tested from CS4 to CS6.
  • No plugins needed.
  • 6 vector phone models.
  • Hi-res hand gestures with shadow and ambient occlusion.
  • Universal – Works in all language versions.
  • You can edit all with 24 controllers.
  • Modular and very flexible project.
  • 13 Scenes.
  • Placeholders of the screen animations for each scenes.
  • 24 Screen placeholders.
  • 12 Text placeholders (Style A).
  • 10 Text placeholders (Style B).
  • 4 Video tutorials included.
  • Very easy to customize.
  • Very organized project.
  • Main scene duration: 2:56 min. / 24 fps.
  • Bonus: 8 mobile UI samples included free to use! (AI files).
The font are free, you can find the link inside the product.
You can get the music here: Ambient Piano by bdProductions

3DscreensApp_FHD 3DscreensApp_models

24 Controllers
  1. Vignette (Slider) – Intensity of a dark frame.
  2. DOF (Checkbox) – Depth of field.
  3. Main curves (Checkbox) – A little contrast.
  4. BG Intro Color (Color) – Color of the first background.
  5. BG Color (Color) – Color of the main background.
  6. BG Texture (Slider) – Texture intensity.
  7. BG Texture Color (Color) – Texture color.
  8. BG Diffuse (Slider) – Diffuse intensity of background.
  9. BG Specular (Slider) – Specular intensity of background.
  10. Ambient light (Slider) – Intensity of ambient light.
  11. Spot light (Slider) – Intensity of spot light.
  12. Screen GI – (Slider) – Global illumination of screens.
  13. Screen Reflection (Slider) – Intensity os screen reflections.
  14. Shadows (Slider) – Intensity of shadows.
  15. Ambient Occlusion (Slider) – AO Intensity of screens.
  16. Texts Color (Color) – You an also change the color individually.
  17. Texts Opacity (Slider).
  18. Texts Bevel (Slider) – A subtle effect of bevel.
  19. Dot Color (Color).
  20. Dot Opacity (Slider).
  21. Phone Model (1-6 Slider) – 6 models of phone.
  22. Devices Stroke (Slider) – Width of devices stroke.
  23. Devices Stroke Color (Color).
  24. Devices Stroke Opacity (Slider).
3DscreensApp_Colors Hand Gestures
  1. Single Tap
  2. Double Tap
  3. Drag Left
  4. Drag Right
  5. Spread
  6. Pinch
  7. Drag Up
  8. Drag Down
3DscreensApp_Hands 3DscreensApp_Project

The product include:
  • 3D Screens App Promo.aep (After Affects CS4 project)
  • 4 Video Tutorials:
  1. Loading.mov (6:41 min.)
  2. Editing.mov (6:31 min.)
  3. Controls.mov (8:38 min.)
  4. Render.mov (1:19 min.)
  • Bonus: 8 Mobile UI Samples (Illustrator CS6)
    1. Screen_1.ai
    2. Screen_2.ai
    3. Screen_3.ai
    4. Screen_4.ai
    5. Screen_5.ai
    6. Screen_6.ai
    7. Screen_7.ai
    8. Screen_8.ai
  • Links: Free Fonts and music of the preview
  • 3DscreensApp_UI_screens Note: This project uses some of the Cycore FX, this coming with the After Effects, except with the trial version of the program.

    This work is entirely my own. All visual design, animation, development, layout and assets of this product are of my own creation. Any similarity to any other design work, video animation or any artwork is purely coincidental. If you have any questions about this please contact me for additional details.
    To contact me you can do from my profile page (bottom right).

    The photos and video used as previews are not included in the product.
    The hands are pre-renders.

    Thanks so much to Fraktal Band for footage used in preview.

    If you have any questions, get in touch. Please rate if you like it. ;)

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