3D Presentation Slideshow

3D Presentation Slideshow

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Create your own impressive slideshow presentation using CInema 4D and After Effects. The 3D Presentation Slideshow is loaded with features and flexibility to help make your workflow easier and your final presentation beautiful. This is the perfect solution for putting together an impressive presentation in true 3D space to display your own photos, videos, 3D objects, etc.

Using Cinema 4D you are able to create a presentation slideshow filled with dynamic images, videos, 3D objects, product demos and more. You have totally control to easily cycle through your media to create a stunning final animation in After Effects.

Here’s a short video so you can see what it looks like within the programs:


• Control Panel designed with behind the scenes Xpresso and Mograph brings all the essential parameters under your control.

• Customizable movements are already programmed and can be adjusted to get the look you want.

• Fast Renders. Roughly 4 seconds per frame at full HD, and my computer is good, not great.

• Random Squares preset provides a lively and sophisticated 3D animation to help you display photos and video

• Minimal keyframing required.

• Infinite amount of slides

• Real 3D space allows for use of dynamics.

• Lights cast real shadows

• Rotating Camera built to dynamically circle around your objects on stage

• Automatic ease and bounce effects added when your slides move. No keyframes!

• After Effects multipass already configured

• Sample configuration file included for reference

• Thorough documentation and support

This requires Cinema 4D 12 with Mograph and After Effects CS5

Thanks and enjoy the project.