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HI, I’m having an issue using the files that i can’t seem to resolve. When opened and loading the viewer i get the following error:

After Effects error: There was an error processing this PDF document (1074397201) (50::29)

I also get a notice that there are no streams to load video/audio.

Any suggestions?

I’m using Windows 10, Adobe 2018, i have the Trapcode suite installed along with E3D.

Hey tatumdale! Thanks for reaching out! As for the PDF issue, this sounds like a folder structure problem, possibly a too long file path, too long folder or file names. Try to shorten those. You can also try to rename those as well. For your second issue, please try installing the latest QuickTime for Windows from Apple’s Website. That’s possibly an Apple MOV-file issue and that should do the trick. Let me know if that works for you.

Best, Zaf snowcake

Thanks for that. Just in case anyone else has this issue – I did the following to resolve: 1) Install Quicktime 2) Move package folder to a route folder (to shorten the file path)

Thanks Zaf – worked a treat :)

You are welcome! :) Please feel free to rate our product in your downloads at It really makes a huge difference to us. Many thanks in advance,

Zaf snowcake

scusami ma tutto questo splendido sw per un solo cliente unico? per questi pacchetti con moltissime ed intelligenti funzioni l’uso limitato ad un solo prodotto per un solo cliente mi pare una grande limitazione.Non ho ancora acquistato per questo motivo. Grazie comunque e complimenti! sorry but all this wonderful sw for just one single customer? for these packets with a lot of very clever functions the limited use of only one product for one customer seems to me a great limitation. I have not yet bought for this reason. Thanks anyway and congratulations!

You will find all the important informations about the different licenses here:

Greetings. Can the Mister Cake character be lipsynched to my own voice overs or is that only possible with the newer V3 characters.

Hey there, the characters of the V3 have an automated lipsync that is true.

Mister Cake comes with different mouth shapes/images on a seperate layer, so if you aren´t an After Effects beginner you should be able to create your “own lipsync” just by mixing the different mouth shapes.

Hope that information helps! :-)

Kind regards snowcake team.

hi, awesome item!!! there is a scene with sharks in your demovideo, is the footage for this included? – i think not, so where can i get that footage and could you provide me the premade scene ´(maybe also that with the dancer) when i buy this item?

The shark and dance footage is not inluded, but you can find the links where to buy the elements on the product page. Just scroll down to the end of the site. You can easily import the footage by yourself, I don´t think that you need the premade scenes. Thank you. Kind regards snowcake

Hi, last version of AE and Windows 10 Not using project for a while, Actually intend to make family project and have issues adobe 86::1 errors. Project cant be used at all. please refer to adobe forum concerning this issue. Can you please do the neccessary this project is working again. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi usuline, thanks again for reaching out. There is a possible workaround you can try. Please check out the following Adobe forum link and see if that works out for you: All the best, snowcake team

Thanks for your prompt reply. Actually my brains are a little confused with the process, but as I have a 3 coming hard days, I can’t try it for the moment. Anyway I let you know the results of this investigation asap. Thanks and have a nice day.

Thank you so much for the heads-up and keep us posted and have a nice day 2. And stay strong for your upcoming days. All the best, snowcake team

this is awesome is there any way I can create Nice and sell T-shirts if I created a characterNice and sell T-shirts if I created a character?

Hey there, thanks for reaching out. In order to assist you, can you please write us an email to with a more detailed description what you need. Thank you.

Kind regards snowcake

I have ae cs6 however I cannot open the project “the file you are attempting to open was created with AE version 13.2” Please advise asap-i have a tight deadline.

Thanks a lot! Great project!

Hi and thanks for getting in touch with us. Officially we will no longer support the CS6 version. But we wil send you the CS6 AE files through a link by mail.

All you have to do then is to copy paste the files to the allready existing AE files, to make sure to keep the existing path/file structure.

So, please send us an email to so that we can provide you with the link.

Thank you.

Kind regards, snowcake

How do I get rid of the neon lights at the beginning by my logo?

Hi I have hard time rendering this file. It took me almost a day to render the file. Is there a way to change set up to render faster?

Hi there and thanks for getting in touch. I´ll guess we already answered to this question a few days ago. Have a great day!

Kind regards, snowcake team.

Hi there, I just purchased this set. When I open the explainer project, system said ” 2 missing effects: “DUIK_TWO_Layer_IK” and “Layer repeater”. How to solve this issue? thanks

Hi there, thanks for reaching out.

The first “missing effect” is the DUIK plugin, it´s only needed when you want to create “bones” for your own characters, so that you can animate them. We have already done that, so the character set that comes with the template has been created with the DUIK plugin and is 100 percent ready to work with.

The same thing goes for the “repeater” message. The easiest way is to have a look at this tutorial here, everything is properly explained in there:

Many thanks.

Kind regards, snowcake team.

I bought the product, but I can’t work on it. Rendering takes too long. 30 frames take more than 10 minutes. Have you solved this problem? What should I do? My specifications are CPU ryzen 1700x 8core, RAM 32G, GPU GTX 960.

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Can you please write us an email to so that we can discuss further details. Thank you.

Kind regards, snowcake team

Hi there, I just bought the product, but when I extract it, it tells me some file names are too long and need name change, I don`t seem to be able to manually rename them even. If I skip the renaming error it will not copy those files over and AE is telling me I have over 200 missing files. Is there any workaround to it?

Hi there, thanks for getting back to us.

After you have unzipped all the files, please rename the root folder with a shorter name, by that the message “file names that are too long” will not appear any more.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards, snowcake team

Can i modify the length of each page and the amount of page numbers?

Thanks for reaching out, please have a look at the tutorial: 06 Extending And Shortening Scenes.mp4.

Concerning the amount of page numbers, simply duplicate an existing scene within the timeline and replace that one with a scene of your choice, by holding “alt key”. (Drag & Drop)

In case you have problems with that workflow please write us an email to and we will do a video help file for you. Many thanks and kind regards, snowcake

Hi, Kindly can you answer my below questions:

1- I want to buy “3D Pop-Up Book Explainer Toolkit & Story Pack” but also I am confused if “Create Your Story Whiteboard Character Pack” will fit my needs. So I want to ask if there is a promotion if I buy both of them. 2- Is there is any option to make the character within the 3D Pop-Up Book Explainer Toolkit & Story Pack as the characters (I send the Characters through you email). (because I really need it in my usage) Thanks

Hey there thanks for reaching out. Can you please send us an email to and ask that question again. I do not totally understand what you need.

Many thanks and kind regards, snowcake team

Tutorial links is dead. Can you re loaded.

Hey there, thanks for reaching out. Can you please tell us what tutorial link do you mean? The link that comes with the project is working. For further questions please send us an email to and provide us with your purchase code. Many thanks and kind regards, snowcake team

Address not found Your message wasn’t delivered to because the domain couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

I bought the water and shark from above but how do you use it with your product to it csn look like the demo or close to it? Thank you for your time in this matter.

Can you please provide us with your purchase code first and send it to

Many thanks and kind regards, snowcake team


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