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I was “close” to buying Photo Motion Pro. Before purchasing it I decided to see how does it actually work. And I was shocked. I work with AE on daily basis and Photo Motion Pro looked like it would make working with 3D projections harder, not easier. With 3D Photo Maker you adjust the cage and click a button and it’s done. After that you can use your AE skills to do what ever you want and how ever you wish. And I like this a lot! Photo Motion Pro in my opinion makes you think that it automates magically almost everything. But in my opinion it doesn’t. You still need to create cleanplates and do the tedious masking work to get things done.

3D Photo Maker for me as someone who works daily with AE is just what I need. Obviously you can make it better, but the premise of the script is great! If you make professional work with Photo Motion Pro you need to pay 200$ which is quite a lot.

If I would need to create anything you can with Photo Motion Pro, I would create it faster with 3D Photo Maker, because 3D Photo Maker supports the AE workflow you’ve already learned. Photo Motion Pro replaces your workflow with it’s own. This is something anyone who knows how to use AE should think.

Thanks! Your product rocks. I surely hope 3D Photo Maker would sell as much as it should compared to Photo Motion Pro.

Thank you very very much!!! I really appreciate your comment. I would like to add new features so if you use my script surely you can give me some advice. Thank you for now!

I am having real issues using this thing. I would like to refund the product

I’m really new to AE so I am lost on how to use this.

Hello, I’m very sorry for that . If you want to request a refund you have to contact the envato staff. Anyway each template or script on videohive has been tested and approved by the staff, so the request of a refund can be accepted only if the product contains bugs or if the item description doesn’t correspond to the final product. I think that a lack of skill cannot be a valid reason. I can help you with my assistance so if you have any question about the script you can contact me via email. Regards

I am getting an error “unable to execute script at line 180.” I am on CS6 Mac. Can you please send me a working script? Thank you

I am getting an error “unable to execute script at line 180.” I am on CS6 Mac. Can you please send me a working script? Thank you

Hi, the script works fine. It means that you’ve copied the files in a wrong position. Read the previous comments you will find the solution best regards

You rock! This works great. For other users that have this problem make sure you put the script in the assets folder and name the assets folder something identifiable. Excellent script

Thank you very much!

complimenti,bel lavoro

Grazie Marco!!!

will i be able to use this using ae cc 2017 ?

Yes of course?

Hello, I’m trying to use the 3D Photo Maker, but after i create the cage, my picture gets completely blurred, and appears to be in low resolution. How can i fixe this? Tks…

Hello cfelipe, did you change the shadow map resolution from “comp size” to “4000”? If it doesn’t work check if the depth of field of the camera is not activated and if it is active, change the focus distance. Let me know Thank you

Hi. Yes, I have changed the map resolution to 4.000. And the depth of field is not active. But the image continues blurred. Can i send you a print screen of the result?

yes of course contact me via email, thank you

Hi I am getting error message when click -> windows -. 3d Photo maker options

( unable to execute script at line 180. Bad argument - file or folder does not exist )

I am using after effect cs6 11.0.4 latest update.

Thank you arun vivin

can you contact me via mail please? Thank you

I can’t use the plug in. I get a warning:

‘Unable to execute script at line 180. Bad argument – File or folder does not exist’

I’ve noticed in the message above I’n mot the only one with that problem. I’ve tried in AfterEffects 2017 version and the AfterEffects 2015.3 version.

You have a solution?

Yes, if you read the previous comments you will find the answer otherwise contact me via email: anyway the problem depends on a wrong installation of the script. Thank you

Ah, OK I forgot to place the assets folder as well. Problem solved. THX

Why does my image turn into blurry after building the 3D projection. I checked and the DOF is turned off. I have a really sharp image and immediately after creating the 3D projection it turns into really blurry. I have 100% quality and no adaptive reosolution on or anything like that. The image isnt even zoomed in or anything like that.

Running this on the latest CC2018

Sorry to bother again, but even when I turn shadow map resolution to 4000 it is not as blurry as it was, but definately not sharp :(

can you send me a screenshot of the real image and another one with the result of the projection? send them to

will do that asap

Why am I getting the following error: Roof/sky cannot be used for the 3D projection. It was working fine, then all of a sudden this error happens no matter what photo or composition I try. I can’t do anything!

Hello, can you send me an email with your purchase code please? Thank you

I do everything, and Create Projestion, but the projectionCam does’t work. I can’t see any icon on screen, so I can’t move the camera.(AE CC 2017, Ido change comp seeting to 4000)

I made it !

Getting the same issue with blurriness with AE CC19 when creating 3D projection. Did this get resolved or explained? Thanks!

hello for technical support please contact me on, thank you

I constantly get this error “Script Alert: Roof/Sky cannot be used for 3D projection”

terrible, just terrible

hello for technical support please contact me on

anyway it happens because before pressing the create projection button you have to select the image layer

as I wrote you, please contact me via mail. Thank you

totally blurry image after that – there is no dept of field

as I wrote you, please contact me via mail. Thank you

Hi, it looks like it’s a great job. I have a doubt, does the script work with images of any size or is there a recommended size to work well? Thank you.

hello. sorry for asking that, but can I have a refund, because my pc can’t run 4k.

Hello sorry for my delay. 3D Photo maker works with any resolution up to 4K. If your pc is too slow using a 4k resolution you could opt for a lower resolution. About the refund, it is managed by the Envato staff so you have to contact them. Regards


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