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Excellent Project!!!

Thank you very much for your comment and for your purchase. You are the first buyer. I hope you are not the last :-) Enjoy with 3D Photo Maker

Wow! This is awesome!

Thank you very much

hi! the final product its a gift?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question…

Another super project. Could you please send me the link to the tutorial.

Yes of course! you can watch it here:

Thank you very much for your help and quick reply. Does the script have more advanced tutorials and examples because I love to buy it. Thank you.

Does this script create 3D camera that user can control?

Yes of course! The camera will be created automatically

Thank you alex!

amazing project mate ! thanx for using my music ! Awesome editing too ;)

Thank you very much! Your music is awesome!

Is it possible to you to you if you could add to this amazing script a camera movements (animation presets) to include: forward, backward, right, up, down and camera rotating option (in z space).

Hi zeinab, thank you very much for your advice! I will implement this features very soon, but now I’m working on another very cool script. When it will be ready I will add these animation presets! thank you.

Purchased 3D Photo Maker. After installing the script to After Effects, receiving the following error message: Unable to execute script at line 148. Bad argument – File or folder does not exist. I look forward to hearing how to resolve this problem.

If you are unable to fix the problem, i’m requesting a refund of the purchased item. Please E-mail me when you can.

I’ve just sent you an email

thank you very much

When your new cool script will be ready and is it going to be include animation presets.

Hello Zeinab. Now I’m working on these updates on 3D Photo Maker. I think that this update will be released in this week. Stay tuned!!!

This is a fantastic news and if you could include animation presets to it I would buy you a free drink. Ha…Ha…Ha.

Ok, you can send me the drink! I’m working just on the animation presets as you suggested :-)

Fantastic project and great presentation. Good luck with sales. Thank you very much for the new update.

When I started A/E project I had this error message: Unable to execute script at line 180. Bad argument- File or folder does not exist? Could you please help.

I only replace the old jsxbin file as soon as I open A/E I get the above error. If you could send me your email a screen print.

My mail is anyway the problem is very simple. You replaced only the jsxbin file but you have to replace also the old “asset” folder with the new “asset” folder inside the zip of this new update. Please read carefully the installation instructions.pdf to find the correct path

Thank you.

i am working on the cage and i created a cage and animation, but i am always having the cage lines and the image is still not moving…. note that i watched the tutorial and worked step by step

Hello robert, can you send me please your project at Thank you

I am having a trouble using the template. Would you have any other tutorials to demonstrate and to show how use the template would be grate. Thank you.

which kind of problem? please contact me via mail


Very interesting script! Respect for that!

Unfortunately I also have a problem with “bad argument” in line 180; file or folder does not exist.

Please help – thank you very much in advance! Best ergards from Austria, Markus

Hi Markus, thank you very much. It means that you haven’t placed the “asset” folder in the “ScriptUI Panels” folder, if you don’t fix the problem please contact me at

Anyway into the zip there is a pdf with installation instructions

Ooops, so I was too fast, didn’tread the “and” inside your instructions – sorry! And thx for your fast reply.

does the script works with AE 5.0?

yes sorry, i have AE CS5…

Yes it is fully compatible


Really cool script! I know how to do this without a script :D but I havent done it because it’s so frustrating to do manually… So I will be purhcasing this later when I have a need!

Let’s say theres a cube in the middle of the photo and you would like it to be part of the 3D geometry. Can you add layers to the 3D scene to add 3D geometry? Can you do it somehow manually, even if the script doesnt have a specific function for adding objects to the bg scene.

Now the cage is built from five layers. Can you add layers that the scene is “projected” to? So If you would want to have more layers that are part of the cage. I’ve seen some 3D projections where they use multiple planes to create more “advanced” geometry. In many cases the current 3D cage is enough, but in some cases it would be useful if you could add more layers to the cage to make up more complex 3D projections.

Ok now I’ve understood…no in this release you can’t add others “cages” inside the main cage, maybe I will implement it on the next update. Thank you for your advice!

Yeah! I know how I could do what your script does, but it such a tedious work :D that I’d rather buy your script instead.

The thing I like in your script is the amount of control it gives. So if you add ability to create more layers that become part of the geometry, I hope you make it intuitive as well! Being able to add more layers to create the geometry of the scene would make your script so much better!

FIXED – I see now I needed to also add the assets folder.

Hello, I copied the script into the proper folder – Using AE CC2017 and I get the following error – unable to execute script at line 180 bad argument. File or folder does not exist. Can you help me with this?

Hello it means that you haven’t copied the asset folder into the scriptUIpanel folder. Please read the installation instructions file. Thank you

Very useful tool. Unfortunately there is a bug in the “HELP” dialogue box which hangs AE. Once open, the window has no close button in the menu and the user can’t click any where else in the program to continue working.

I experienced this using MAC OSX 10.11.2 and AE CC 2014 ( 15.3 )


Thank you very much for your report I will check it as soon as possible

Hello Thomas can you give me your email please? send it to Thank you