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Photo Gallery

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to hout – a minimalistic 3D, highly customizable photo gallery template for After Effects CS5 and higher. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, family round-ups or your vacation memories with friends in great places.

It’s fully 3D – no corner pin was used throughout this project. Aside the prerendered sequences, all the assets are true 3D layers, so you can reposition them, scale, rotate in any axis or easily add your own stuff as desired. Create your perfect slideshow!


  • Two ready to go 15 and 30 placeholder showcases. The camera shake you can see in the preview is a feature of the 15 placeholder edit and can be controlled.
  • 53 Pre-rendered 3D shots tracked into true 3D scenes within AE
  • No plugins required
  • Full control with a single panel
  • Obviously editable photo titles and subtitles
  • 50 placeholder photos bundled for you
  • After Effects CS5 and later

    You just drop your pictures into compositions. Change color theme, precisely control vignette, soft screen edges and much more – all via a single extensive control panel.

    The whole template is basically a set of 53 shots that you can edit and arrange in a way that suits you the most – starting from scratch or using one of two pre-edited sequences.

    What you get:

  • The template
  • Full fledged in-depth video tutorial
  • 50 bundled photos free for you to use
  • Printable reference for all the shots

    This template uses the following external resources (recommended, but not essential):

    The free font Montserrat:

    Two music tracks available on audiojungle:

    Thank you for your interest – should you choose this template, please rate it!

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