Discussion on 3D Logo Title Intro Animation Kit

Discussion on 3D Logo Title Intro Animation Kit

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When editing the template I get a grid that pops up in the background and the wall disappears. Any idea how I can get rid of the grid and get the wall back?

Hi, sorry for the late response, I’m in vacancy and only check my emails. About your issue, It’s just the preview mode I added to make the customization easier, juste disable it in the customization tools, I don’t have acces to my files here, but I think the disable preview option is in the Set Camera comps. You can watch the tutorial also to guide you.

Hi Amstane,

Just downloaded your awesome project, installed the presets, and then opened one of the project files, but it would not open. The error message says that the .aep file does not exist. Not sure why I’m getting this message. I extracted all the files from the zip folder to the same location and didn’t move anything.

Please advise.

Hi, open After effects first, then browse and open the project from After Effects (file/open project)

Hi there, will this work on AE CC2018, thanks

did’nt test it yet


I love your template!!! just have a problem. Im a mac user and dont know if that is the reason of my issue. maybe because the version of my AE? Im using CC 2018. When I try to apply a preset, it doesnt do anything. The camera has no animation, just the light. Sometimes when double click on the preset it creates a new gray solid above the other layers, sometimes appear a lot of errors. I followed all your steps. copied the presets on Documents/Adobe/After effects XX/ User presets

I was working on the single camera file. Just try on the multi camera one and it works fine, so the problem is just with the single camera file.

OMG I feel so dumb! didnt read your note on the animation layer about set the time to 00:00 before load a preset. so everything works great!

Happy to hear that you solved it! And about your mistake, I do it a lot my self :)

Do u have for After Effect CS6?

it works on AE CS4 and above, including CS6

the downloaded file seen as a corrupted And 12 Elements file missing in Ae cs6.

When I Download Zip File It It is download Completly and when i open this file in After Effect cs6 at that time file seen as a corrupted and missing elements.

Sorry it’s a 418m, I’ll download it myself to check it up. I’ll get back to you soon

Hi, so I download it and it works fine here. Try this: Don’t open the project by doubleclicking on it, instead,open After effects first then open the project from there

Hello, is there a way to show multiple logos on the screen (a collage) at the same time with all using the same preset?

Yes, you have to put them in the logo composition.

Ok, will I be able to position them anywhere on the screen like the upper left corner or will they be confined to just the center area?

you can place them any where you want in the Logo composition and then play with the ending Z position of the camera. This said you may have to create your own camera animation by playing with the controllers, there is a tutorial covering this.