Discussion on 3D Interactive Earth Globe

Discussion on 3D Interactive Earth Globe

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I’m not sure why but this project slows down my PC. I have shut down all other programs but when I try to use this project, there is a terrible lag of 1-2 minutes. After much struggle, I tried to render a 10-second animation, but the render time was over 1 hour. This is a horrible issue. I checked everything, but I can’t figure this out. What can I do?

PS: I have 8GB RAM.

Is it possible to zoom out and see the earth as a globe in space? rather than being closeup all of the time? I have a client who would like to use the globe to reveal a logo. If possible please could you send me a screen shot before I purchase? thanks

A speedy response would be appreciated. Thank you

Well done! I wish creative mood and more sales! ;)

How do we make the camera move from point to point without stopping?

Thank you for purchase. you can reduce to a minimum, from a [ ANIMATION_CONTROLLERS ] layer. change each T00_Transition Time value to (25 * seconds from marker to marker ). Example:

Hi, can I do camera zoom in / out to see the whole picture of the earth.

Yes you can

Hi there My highlight country doesn’t work – and can see that selections.jpg is not in the pack can you help me…. but otherwise cool project :-)

Thank you for your purchase.


2. Please watch the included video tutorial from 06:38

3. If you have additional questions, please contact us by this mail.

I have v 2.2.2 of element and CC2019 AE, but not seeing the globe on opening the project file. Everything else links. Suggestions?

Just saw the download video tutorial, works great, thanks!

Thank you for your purchase.

Is it possible to have it on 4K?

Is it possible to add layer or change the layer of the continents? Thanks for your answer and thanks for this amazing animation !

Thank you for your purchase.

Unfortunately, this project is only 1080p also you can’t change Map texture.

I just purchased this and Selections.jpg is not in the relinking assets folder. Is this used to highlight different states on the map?

I am also missing the selections.jpg file. Can you provide?

Hi, Thank you for purchase. Try this way, open [ 02. Highlight Countries ] composition, enable countries which you want to be Highlighted, next render [ 02. Highlight Countries ] selections.jpg format and use this map in the element 3D.

Thank you and best regards

I’m sorry. When I try to relink, it can’t find a texture and it ask random to relink. Can you help me? thx.

Thank you for your purchase.
Please contact us by mail.

Hello, I wanted to purchase this template, But before i do that, i wanted to that how should i Customize it. If i wanted to make it work like a Google Earth. .

hi, may i know this project only for US state? other countries will it included like malaysia, singapore, thailand, philippines, indonesia?

Hi, I have two problems about the plane and the resolution.

1. When I try to relink the E3D_plane and E3D_reflection, my After effect (CC 2015) crash and shut down immediately. Is there any other solution to relink these two objects?

2. I preview and render the full resolution of composition [01. 3D Interactive Earth Globe]. However, the outcome just like 480p. How can I fix this problem?


Hi Brodzeli how are you? thanks for your kit… i am using it right now, but i have a question, i need to highlight some countrys but no all in the same time, how can i put keyframes to highlight the countrys in order?

and i have another issue, all the highlighted country compositions have only 30 secs of duration, if i need more seconds, what i have to do?

Hi , nice works . Is it possible to add new custom place ?

Can Hawaii be used as one of the locations?