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Greatest work limxona !!!


Great Job my friend ;) wish you many sales

Looks excellent! :)

I can’t get the shatter lines to go away, even when I open the original file the shatter lines do not go away at the end of the animation, it looks as if the defragmenting of the shatter does not complete itself when the logo comes together and it finishes the animation with the cracks in the logo, help please?

E-mail me for further and faster help. limxona@hotmail.com

element 3d plug in required?? how much is that ?

If i send our our logo in vector can you do the animation for me using this file ?

Send mail please : limxona@hotmail.com

Hello, amazing idea! just a question: Could I change those symbols with musical notes? thanx

Would not be a problem. If you want to change symbol send to mail me. limxona@hotmail.com

Ok I m going to buy your project..and if I ll ve problems I ll write to u. thankx ;)

Ok… You can send email.

Hello Limxona,

Congrats for your template. I buy it few hours ago, but when I tried to use it, it advice “The project has 4 references to inexistent effects. Install this effects to restore this refences. (Element)

Could you help me, please.

I’ve got CS6, but maybe is a problem with the required plugin (Element 3D) and I haven’t got.

Waiting for your news. THANKS! :)

I writed you again on Monday, yesterday and again today.

Please check:

info@idg-grup-web.com idg2002@hotmail.com (today).


I got the mail and answered.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, I’ve a question: I don’t have much experience in after effect and I’m afraid I can’t edit it so I was wondering if it’s possible to change the logo for me? I will send you the logo “png or psd” and you send me the video file.. could you help me with that? and I will need the same help for this item.


Wonderful to work with! Very talented and quick


Hi nice template! I liked it … is it possible to change the brick bar at the beginning? First logo appears and shutters to another logo… Thanks! Good luck with sales …

This is possible, but you need to do it yourself using your AE and Element3d knowledge. I can edit (Free) it for you after you have purchased the project. limxona@hotmail.com

Nice project! :) I whish you lots of sales my friend! :)